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  1. Newbie Who Feels Lost

    Welcome FlyersGirl, I am afraid that I will not be much help here,, I am also new and still learning. But I wanted to say Hi and wish you well with all that you are dealing with! This^^^ I found interesting, I would not have thought this way.... Thanks!
  2. OK , I got it... thanks! Good luck with the tests... hope is goes well!
  3. I will have to try cauliflower as a crust,, very interesting and thanks for sharing! If it is similar to the shredded vegetable hashbrowns that I make,,,, you have to get the extra moisture out of the mix. I use a potato ricer to do this. I bake the vegetables so they are partially cooked then I bag them and freeze.. I took a bag out earler and once it thaws I will use the ricer to get the water out. I was not sure if I should have removed the moisture before freezing or after... any thoughts?
  4. I was over weight when I quit smoking in January 2013... four months later I was another 25 pounds heavier.. I was 225 pounds. Some time last May I began my diet, I gave up all bread pasta & potatoes. I lost 10 pounds pretty quick and decided to start riding my bike (peddled my ass off ) I also started doing a one hour private per week on a reformer with a Pilates trainer (this was mostly for my back, I have 3 herniated discs). I managed to get to about 200lbs. by thanksgiving. It was a long slow process but I felt pretty good about it. Middle of December 2013 I joined a gym to take the bike classes. Still 200 pounds the first week in January I started 2 one hour private wieght training sessions per week, and I lost 24 pounds in a little over two months, the weight training was key. Actually I am now trying to gain weight, It was like all the sudden lifting the weights kicked my metabolism into high gear. I have slowed down on the number of spin classes that I take, and I have gained back 4 pounds and am trying to stay at my current weight of 180. Sorry if TMI... But I would encourage you to try some weight training, could just be you will see very quick results too... Its worth a shot and its good for you! You will figure out what is best for you soon.
  5. @ Deekle .. thanks for your service and thanks for this post!!! I am new here and I am new to gluten free. there is too much information here to weed through in such a short time, but I have been wondering why somebody would do the gluten challenge?? I am not celiac or may be and dont know,,, but I know what happens when I do eat gluten and there is now way in hell I am going to do it voluntarily!!! So I am still unclear.. what is the benefit to doing the gluten challenge?? I understand that deekle has multiple things going on and may benefit from getting more clear information. But for people like me that are sure it is the gluten that is affecting them,,, well is there a reason I should consider this challenge?? Not steeling your thread... just looking for answers... @ Deekle,, How are you doing now?
  6. Tonight is gonna be leftovers... But last night was center cut pork chops, split in half on the flat,,, pounded out and breaded with cracker crumbs ( I make the crackers ) Pan sauteed both sides and then sandwiched some ham and provolone inbetween, Oven for few minutes to finish it off and melt the cheese..... string beans sauteed with sliced almonds and bacon,..... leftover pasta alfredo with peas and mushrooms.
  7. What's For Breakfast Today?

    I agree,,, I like beakfast food... but it is too much to eat in the morning.. much better for lunch or dinner
  8. Chicken And Dumplings

    Just curious how you made out with these... I had ruled chicken and dumplings out for good.. you guys are inspiring me, Thanks!!!
  9. What's For Breakfast Today?

    @ Abby, if you have posted a recipe for the parsnip hash browns could you give me a link to it??? I have been trying to do something similar with a vegetable mixture.. it is OK,, but I am missing something in my recipe. I have been trying to come up with a vegetable hash brown to use in place of the english muffin in eggs benedict Ok,,, not sure what to call this.. it is breakfast food, but I had it for lunch last week... I decided to do it on a bed of fresh sauteed spinach. chopped up a couple of cooked shrimp then two poached eggs and topped with hollandaise.. It was very good, sort of a Florentine Benedict combo You all dont seem to eager to do photos, if you would prefer I didnt just let me know...
  10. Sorry to hear this, hope it works out the way you need it to... sounds a little scary to me. I still keep some benadryl in the glove compartments, my gym bag, the store, it is like my security blanket. Avocado would be on the top of my list too, if I could not have them !!
  11. Simple Side Dishes

    Ok,,, the OP calls his creamed cauliflower,,,, I call mine "mashed" I do a 50/50 ratio of cauliflower and plantain centers... I use either milk or sour cream with some green onions and I put horseradish in mine. I puree mine with some s & p in the processor and then keep warm on stove. You can use gravy or something if you want, but I like them just fine by them selves. Then..... Leftover Mashed Caluliflower and Plantains I mix up with an egg and maybe some parm cheese and a little gluten free all purpose flour... and make small vegetabel pancakes frying in a pan with palm oil until brown. These are some that I did a week or two ago... The sauce is a beet relish tarter with horseradish... really good!!! Note: 1... These are only about two table spoons of batter each... anything bigger gets to hard to flip properly Note: 2... I dont usually garnish, but I was trying to show up a friend... lol (long story) many times I eat right out of the pot when doing single servings... less to wash later!!!
  12. Last year our garden was pitiful... But the year before it looked like this..... I am hoping for this again this year... I am going to try to plant blue potatos for something different.
  13. This sounds very interesting... before figuring it out that It was the gluten, I thought it was the peanuts that were getting me. I have yet to eat peanuts but am going to try this one out soon. Last week I did a similar type recipe making a pan of brownies using black beans and honey... I am sure the brownie recipe has been posted here before but it was new to me and I was surprised at the taste... Thanks for the good ideas!!!
  14. Hhhmm! Thanks for the welcome. I am on a limited post count because of being new, so I will try to make them count... lol... First of all I am still trying to get a grip here, I will slowly figure it out. But if i am posting in the wrong section or doing anything else backwards please let me know. I was only ever on one other forum, and that was for quitting smoking, so I am not really that good at this kind of stuff. About me... I am gluten intolerant ( I was on two meds for almost 2 years before figuring it out that it was gluten ) I am new at this too because I only found out last December. I choose to be soy and corn free, My friend is gluten free but also has a thyroid thing going on and is unable to eat any soy products, so I follow her lead on this because easier for us to be on the same diet restrictions. There was also an article somewhere that talked about how people with hiatal hernia's felt better on a gluten and soy free diet. My mother has a hiatal hernia so she has joined our diet too. As far as the corn free goes, it is for obvious reasons and we choose to exclude it. I am not going to lie,,, It was not easy converting the kitchen to this new program. In 3 months I have come pretty far with all of this, what a learning experience. I actually started messing with the gluten free before I figured out I was intolerant, I was trying to come up with a crab cake that my friend could eat... It was going to be a Christmas surprise... lol...It took me until super bowl. So now I am experimenting in the kitchen pretty much non stop and have come up with some pretty good ideas trying to get a menu that does not get boring and is not always so time consuming to make. Problem is that I dont measure for the most part, so I am still working on getting my recipes down on paper. Right now all I have a whole bunch of scribbled notes and am going to try to get them organized. I am not shy about cooking, but just for the record.... 2 months ago I did not know what a pastry cutter was... I had to google it. I am new to this world of gluten,gmo, reading ingredients and I will read and learn much in the months to come. But right now I need to eat so my spare time focus is on fixing better meals so you are going to see mostly on the food threads for now.... I will gravitate into the other sections of this forum once my belly is full... So, back to this thread.... What is for dinner tonight???? To be honest I have no clue... but this was lunch..... I found a tortilla or a wrap that I can actually eat. So I got a package of them to try.... Instantly out of the package I knew it was not going to work for my favorite chicken salad lettuce and guacamole roll up. The texture was just wrong and it was kind of card board'ish ... So I scrambled up some turkey burger and onions and other vegetables and put it in one of these tortilla wraps with some goat mozzarella cheese and baked it in the oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. On the plate I topped it with a layer of guacalmole, then lettuce, some sour cream ( light ) and some extra diced tomatoes. I made some sweet potato fries and used some of the ketchup I made with them. I thought it was gonna end up looking better than it would taste, but I got to say that it was pretty good! When you are on this kind of diet, well.. you got to be not so critical sometimes, lol! BTW... I have been sharing pics of dinners with different people... so I will post more pics later
  15. Ok... I am new here... my name is Scott. not really sure how to start here but i could not find a welcome or intro post.. so I will just throw myself to the wolves here.. if anyone can direct me to a more appropriate intro thread, I would be greatful... Anyway... I am not celiac.. I am intolerant. We can get into that another time. lol.... I was googling recipes and that is how I found this place... So in the spirit of food.. this was my dinner tonight... sorry so blurry... turkey croquettes on the flat with a mushroom & green onion gravy.... string beans sauteed with almonds and bacon... and roasted cauliflower tossed with home made bread crumbs, seasoning and goat cheddar.... I am gluten soy and corn free.... I still eat dairy but use good alternates whenever possible... I am a cooking fool... never expected it !!!