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  1. I want to publically apologize. I haven't read a Campbell's soup label in a long time since I can't have Campbells soup so I was unaware that they have now listed their modified food starch as modified food starch, wheat. So I apologize if my comments sent anyone in a state of fear and I will check my facts from now on before I post
  2. I have never seen it labeled as that and most companies I have called, who labeled it as Modified Food Starch, use wheat starch and it is labeled Modified food starch. I have seen however modified corn starch or modified food starch (made from corn) so I avoid all ones that just say modified food starch because I have found most of it is made from wheat starch.
  3. I know that but the LauraTX said that "However I do need to note, if you are in the U.S., modified food starch must say wheat on it if it is made from wheat" Which is a blanket statement that mostly isn't true because most of the modified food starch is not labeled as containing wheat.
  4. since when is it a must? It is still voluntary and it says precicely that on the link that you posted "One caveat is that allergen labeling of USDA-regulated foods (i.e. processed meat, poultry, and egg products) is voluntary, so these products may not indicate whether or not an additive such as modified food starch or maltodextrin has been derived from wheat. "
  5. If it says it's gluten free maybe it's gluten free oats? you need to check with the company. oats have no gluten, the only way that it can have is by being grown or processed in the same area as wheat and it gets contaminated! I would check with the company because if they are labeling themselves as gluten free it's either that 1) it's made with oats that are uncontaminated or 2) they are unaware that oats can be contaminated and need to be told so they are aware