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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Its ok:) Dont worry. But then how do I know Iif my b12 isn't masked?...
  2. What about your folate levels prior dx?? I bet it wasnt that big!?
  3. Folic acid works in conjunction with B12 for DNA synthesis. Folic acid deficiency causes macrocytic anemia but never neurologic deficits. Common causes of folic acid deficiency incluhttp://wellinthishouse.com/mthfr-my-genetic-mutations-folic-acid-and-medical-mysteries-possibly-explained/6150/e poor diet and alcoholism. Since January 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration has required all enriched cereal/grain products to be fortified with folic acid, with the goal of reducing neural tube congenital defects.[10] Nutritionists have expressed concerns that folic acid fortification masks B12deficiency, and a 2007 study demonstrated cognitive impairment in patients with high folate status in the presence of low B12. These patients were anemic without macrocytosis.[10]The authors suggest that excess folic acid precipitates both hematologic and neuropsychiatric manifestations of B12deficiency. Interestingly, folic acid conferred cognitive protection in the presence of normal B12 levels. The point here is that folic acid supplementation in the presence of B12deficiency may actually aggravate neurological symptoms. My folate levels are very high!!! A year ago I was doing a resesrch about thing called MTHFR gene mutation, not sure if you have heard about it before? It is diagnosed through genes. Have a look at this, it might be very helpful for all of you too: http://wellinthishouse.com/mthfr-my-genetic-mutations-folic-acid-and-medical-mysteries-possibly-explained/6150/ What I also read, that people who usualy have MTHFR might have hig numbers of folate in their blood, as simple folate is not used by the body do to MTHFR mutation.. My levels are > 24 very above the norm. 3-17 ..
  4. Actualy! My ferritin levels, do they look a little low, what do you think? Mine is 47, while the range is 28-365 ng/ml what do you think? Also b12 523 is a little low, no? Even though they are within normal limits.. Range: 239-931ng/L
  5. P.S. I started taking calcium and msgnesium, also Vitamin D as Ireland is so damn cloudy.Also zinc 30 mg before bed.I dont eat fish etc so I might be defiecient in it.
  6. Thank You all for your help! I will stick with gluten-free or maybe evdn Paleo diet and will keep You informed! Will come back in few weeks just to let You know how I am doing. Cheers!!!
  7. I am in Ireland and can not afford tests.This was covered by my medical card (medical insurance)... I looked online that TTG ranges from 00 to to 2.9 as far as I remeber. However, could it be possible that because I am not the bigest bread lover so myantibodies were low? I ate tons of gluten fro about 3 weeks prior testing.. I also found that I am lactose intolerant or casein not sure, but its the same anyway..
  8. I just knew it, that she ordered wrong tests.EMA is missing right?There is no range on the actusl sheet for celiac..Is it worth it to go back on gluten?I fed up with all this crap.... I think I will go with gluten free diet and will see how it goes.What do You think? And the liver are all fine. ALT range - 21-72 but I heard that it should be low.No?
  9. OK, here are my results (they seem very good to me): U/E+CREAT urea - 6.5 sodium - 144 potassium - 4.4 creatinine - 88 LFT (Liver function test from serum) bilirubin - 12 ALT (GPT) - 22 alkaline phosphatase - 81 gamma GT - 17 GLUCOSE 4.3 VITAMIN B12 SERUM 523 ESR 2 FULL BLOOD COUNT WBC - 7.4 RBC - 5.27 haemoglobin - 15.8 PCV - 0.461 MCV - 87.5 MCH - 29.9 MCHC - 34.2 Red Cell Distribution Width - 13.1 plateletes - 177 PCV - 8.1 lymphocites - 3.20 monocytes - 0.70 neuthrophils - 3.2 eosinophils - 0.20 basophils - 0.00 THYROID FUNCTION FREE T4 - 14.3 TSH - 2.72 anti-TPO Ab: 2.72 - negative 28 tTG ANTIBODY 0.4 negative It is probably anxiety and stress related. However I been like this since my early early childhood... Anti anxiety meds and antidepressants does not help.. What do You think about the results?
  10. I have no idea what blood tests I had. I know that IGA and EMA as well as CBC, Iron, folic acid, thyroid all of them a WITHIN THE NORMAL LIMITS. But the sentence it self gives me some wondering. As I talked to her via the phone and she mentioned few times - WITHIN THE NORMAL LIMITS.. Anyhow, in about an hours time I will get the results back and will post there.. She is referring me to psychiatrist and dermatologist for my alopecia totalis.. I have so many symptoms that just relate to celiacs so much as well as to lupus and Lyme.
  11. This what I meant, sorry for confusing... But can gluten intolerance cause alopecia totalis, nail ridging and so on ??? I will try, although I starting to loose hope, but I wont give up.. I had been bitten by two ticks when I was a kid, will try and will get tested for Lymes disease, also Lupus.. Even though it is less common in men.. If You wont mind I will post my results later on in this thread. Or should I create a new one?
  12. So the blood tests came back all normal! I am lost and depressed. My GP says its one hundred percent not celiac and it is just stress. I am 14th day of gluten free. Feel a little better ,but I dont know if its gluten or not. I will stick to gluten challenge at least for few months.. I am so lost and just want to cry. GP told that all the tests are within the normal limit..... I asked for a copy so should receive them this afternoon. However, when I was on gluten, I used to have diarrhoea, small and fatty stools. And when I am on gluten free diet, they are all gonne. I am also on diary free,as diary makes me sick as well.... I wont give it up...
  13. I tought You were from Ireland:))) I will! I am just so fed up of being sick and tired all the time. I even broke up with my girlfriend do to my problems... Thank You! I am 8 day on gluten-free diet. As I am not willing to wait 18 months for the biopsy if the tests indeed will be positive. But to be honest I feel worse.. The second day of gluten-free was amazing, but it was probably a placebo... However my stomach was really feeling very weird at that day.
  14. Hahah.I know that I am a hypocondriac my self. But like hair loss, infections, bleedings etc..Not sure if hypochondria can be so powerful to create these symptoms.. ha
  15. Hey, thank You for Your reply.For me the hair loss started when I was 8 years old. I used to get oval bald patches, which used to regrow. When I hit 19 my eyebrow started to dissappear.At the age of 22 I lost all my hair. And now, my naills ar affected.. I did gluten challenge few months ago. I had my hair regrowing after 2 weeks on gluten-free diet. It was just ear hair and facial hair, very small etc.. Then I begged my GP for celiac tests snd told all the stories about the other people that didnt have any classic symptoms and so on, told showed her a full list of my symptoms I experience and had experienced and she agreed to test me for the last time. I said to her that I will focus on my mental health if they will be negative. However, on the gluten chalange my anxiety was out of the roof! I wonder if it was the so called gluten withdrawal. As gluten is like opiate haha..