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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for you quick response!! You just reiterated what I keep telling myself....but you know how it is...sometimes you just have to have someone else tell you
  2. So about a month and a half ago I got this awful rash that itched like crazy after some research and lots of reading web pages, blogs, forums I suspected that I have DH. I have had digestive problems for almost 4 years and could never figure out what it was that was making me run to the bathroom 20-30 min after eating!! So I went to the doctor on March 24th and she sent me for blood work (which came back negative for celiac) and then she gave me a steroid shot (as the creams did nothing for the itch) and with in about a week and a half the itch was gone and the rash was slowly fading. I went gluten free on April 1st and saw an immediate relief in my digestion problems (I can eat things now without the gluten bread and I have NO problems). How ever it has been a month since my shot and I was wondering if anyone knew how long the steroids would be in my system or how long until I have a backlash from the steroid? I did have a gluten meal the other day (ordered a gluten-free meal from Bob Evans and they totally screwed up...I didn't notice until I was home) and within 20 mins of eating it I was in the bathroom!!! So I am convinced I will be staying gluten-free for the rest of my life but anytime I have the slightest itch or red spot I freak out thinking that the rash is coming back!!! I hate waking up each morning wondering if today is the day the rash comes back!!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  3. Well it's been about 72 hours since my cortizone shot and the itch is still here...the rash has started to fade and is not so bright red, inflamed and angry looking. I can still feel all the little bumps and you can still see them. Was wondering is this normal for DH? Do steroids not effect the itch but make the rash go away? Doctor called today and said blood test came back negative for celiac (highly unlikely) or something like that..I will post results later. Now I don't know what to do?!? Do I wait the 2 months for the steroids to wear off and hope the rash comes back so they can biopsy it or do I go gluten free now and always wonder if it was the steroids that kicked whatever I have in the but or if it was the gluten free diet that took care of the problem?!? Or if I go gluten free now will I still have a back lash from the steroids? I just don't know what to do
  4. DH Photo Bank

    Here are some photos of my rash..let me know what you all think https://www.flickr.com/photos/121374728@N03/
  5. I am soooo shooting my self right now for getting the shot!!! I swear the itch is worse than it was before!!! I have not found a derm yet, I plan on calling the insurance company today or tomorrow to see who is available to go to. Do you have any suggestions for relief now(or point me to the best post here on the forum that have them listed already)? There is sooo much information on this forum that I start to get overwhelmed and sidetracked with all the information. I have been doing the Sarna lotion, which helps until it soaks in and then the itch is back, I have also started taking my normal showers and then slowly making the water colder and that seems to help a little in the morning. I want to make sure I don't do anything else that will prolong the time to get my biopsy. I really do appreciate your help and will definitely post the results of the blood test.
  6. Thanks so much for the information!! My family doctor sent me for a Celiac Blood test today and then after that she gave me a shot of cortizone for the itch.(which has not phased the itch one bit ) How long do I have to wait to go to the dermatologist to have them do a biopsy since she gave me the cortizone shot? I was going to have her not do the shot but last night was terrible, I think I woke up every hour on the hour scratching I was really hoping to get some sort of relief from the shot....but I have not .
  7. Need some help! I have suspected that I have a gluten intolerance for awhile now due to my IBS and just not feeling 100%. Well about two weeks ago my whole body started to itch...no rash, no bumps, no visible signs of anything wrong. I ruled out the typical reasons for itching...no change in foods, no change in soap, no change in laundry soaps, no new pets, no bugs in my bed, no new meds....basically nothing had changed in my life. I went to bed fine and woke up the next morning with the most intense itch I have ever had. I dealt with it a week and then went to family doctor as I was itching so much it was embarrassing! She walked in the room and said "so you have the winter itch" which means I have dry skin....umm no my skin is NOT dry. I know what dry skin feels like and looks like and I do not have dry skin. But she said to go home and take short warm (not hot) showers and to start using an intense moisturizing shower wash (like aveeno for eczema) and to use Sarna lotion or again an eczema lotion. So. That is exactly what I did!! I followed her instructions to the letter and now a week later the itch is way worse and I have now developed a rash along with pinhead size bumps on my arms, shoulders, chest, neck, jaw and legs. Every night for two weeks I have stayed up scratching and surfing the web for what I have and to keep my mind off the itch. I used a whole bottle of sarna lotion in less than a week to try and stop the itch....it only gets WORSE!! For the past two nights I have read and read and read about DH and I am convinced that this is what I have!!! And then this morning in while washing my body with my new recommended body wash I realize that it is made with WHEAT AND OATMEAL!!! No wonder I am getting worse if I really have DH!!! I called my doctor today and have an appointment for Monday and I am hoping she will send me for some test....what test do I need to ask for? I plan on going gluten free soon and know that I have to have my test done befor I can go gluten-free. So the sooner I get all the test the better. So basically I need all you wonderful ladies past experience in pointing me in the right direction. I have skipped around this forum and have already picked up a few things but hope for some more guidance in getting my diagnosis! Thanks for all your help and words already written!! Jennifer