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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok so screen came back negative.. Ttg Iga 12.6 (0.0-20.0) Immunoglobulin A H 6.07 (0.60-4.20) This 1 is high. Doctor is sending me for more blood work because she doesn't know why I'm having an immune response however she mentioned this could be just the way I am. Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks nvsmom.. I'll be getting my results from my second screen tomorrow along with my results for H.pylori and few other things. I'll grab my results from Dec as comparison aswell. Looking forward to everyone's feed back once I post my screen results.
  3. Thanks everyone! I was reading about how often people with celiac end up having H.pylori at the time of Celiac diagnosis or develop it! All very interesting.. I was tested for it at the same time as my second celiac screen and got a call back to follow up with my doctor re test results.. So they found something.. Not a big surprise! I'll be sure to get a copy of all my results to share and compare. Thanks again
  4. Any idea if H. Pylori can cause TTg Iga to come back positive?
  5. Thanks so much for the reply Lisa:) My new doctor is very young and seems to be very up to date on celiac diagnosis which is great! I believe I've had symptoms since I was a child.. Short stature.. Always vomiting.. Skin issues.. Etc! I also remember horrible abdominal pains into my teens so it's nice to have a doctor that wants to investigate. I have a weird symptom that I can't seem to find much info about.. I'm very dizzy not all the time but in the morning especially and after I eat. I figured it was just low blood sugar and I just needed food but that seems to make it worse! Wondering if anyone else has heard or this. I've had all associated blood work done to check for things that might cause this to a vail. Thyroid.. CBC etc. I will get my results ASAP.. My doctor mentioned that she wants to make sure it's not a false positive and that some people don't make enough antibodies or it might be in the early stages. She is also happy to refer me to a GI but also wants an ultra sound done before moving forward. Does this all sound normal? I should be getting my screening results this week so I'll post them to get some opinions as we'll. Thanks again
  6. Hi there.. New to this whole thing! I believe my symptoms to be classic Celiac so asked for blood test back in December from my old doctor. The TTg Iga level was 6 which would be a weak positive . Everything else was normal apparently but I didn't ask for the results yet. The doctor was a fill in that gave me the results and all she said was that it was high but not Celiac and that was that because I didn't know better at the time. I I've recently changed doctors because of distance and impending retirement and my new doctor looked over my results and was concerned especially with worsening symptoms. So I've had another celiac screen done and other tests including breath test etc. My doctor told me she needs to make sure there is nothing else causing the elevated TTg Iga. Is this normal? Can the levels get worse? Any advise or feed back would be much appreciated.