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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Not enough information to give an opinion, you need to get the full celiac workup if you have a set of symptoms that warrant it.
  2. I would suggest 2 slices of bread a day. A sandwich a day should keep you positive.
  3. Doing great! Been gluten-free for two years, now. No symptoms, antibodies are almost nil and certainly where they should be. Been glutened really bad twice (ate 4 slices of bread I thought was gluten-free once, and ate pasta I thought was gluten-free once) was in bed for three days each time and felt like crap for a couple of weeks. Learning experiences, not done that in quite a while.
  4. I'm not a doctor or expert but I've done a lot of reading and I believe anything that causes major inflammation for the small intestine can cause false positives for celiac antibodies. Sometimes people with Crohn's will have positive celiac tests as well. I wouldn't be surprised in the least that someone with a bad case of Giardia would come up positive. Now, eventually, as you fully recover from the giardia infection you should go back to normal levels but if you don't you most likely have Celiac as well. From what I understand, Celiac doesn't go into remission though it can be latent in people for years.
  5. Everything you listed above very well could be Celiac Disease and not Sjogren's, but people with one autoimmune disease are at a higher risk of getting another one. Your GP clearly is working with old knowledge in regard to Celiac Disease. There are probably more people who suffer from constipation from Celiac than loose stools. I know for me I never had diarrhea at all, but I was backed up something fierce. I also had swollen joints, headaches, abdominal pain, memory issues, high liver enzymes, fatigue and general cloudy head. Not many of these are symptoms an uninformed Doctor would think to associate with Celiac. You really have to show up prepared to be your own advocate, tell the doctor that according to many of the GI specialists who work with Celiacs (see University of Chicago's celiac disease Center) these are all symptoms that warrant a proper workup for celiac disease. It took me 6 months, two biopsies and an unneeded surgery to get diagnosed and that isn't as bad as some.
  6. My TTG was very weakly positive, Deamintated tests were off the charts positive and I had Marsh grade 3b on biopsy. TTG is not the best test, more than likely your biopsy is going to be positive.
  7. I have had luck at Perkins and Applebees. I know that many would say not to eat at these places but I have educated the two that I go two and they will actually clean the area of the grill before cooking on it now and the Fiesta Lime chicken is otherwise gluten free and the pork chops with salt and pepper is OK at Perkins (if you can get them to clean the grill). I have also liked going to Chipotle. Papa Murphy's gluten free pizza at my location is safe as they use a separate station to make the pizza, though you are limited to veggies and pepperoni. Not a restaurant, but Burning Brothers Brewery is 100% gluten free. You go to their brewery/taproom they don't let gluten of any source into their facility. You can sit down and have a beer, cupcake, chips...ect and it's all great and gluten-free. Plus the owner of the brewery has celiac disease so he knows what gluten-free for celiacs is.
  8. Mexican?

    Yeah, I eat at Chipotle for my mexican fix. Not quite the same as a traditional place but it works and it is good. However, care for CC does vary from location to location. I've been to some Chipotle's that will go into great detailed care to avoid CC and others where the people seem completely unaware of the procedures needed.
  9. Mexican?

    The problem I have found with most Mexican places is that they are not really aware of the problem people can have with gluten. They do have many things at most Mexican places that are naturally gluten free but because there is no care for CC you can't eat there. At most places you should be able to eat hard shell tacos, but you don't know if the spices have flour in them. You should be able to eat the chips but you don't know what else is fried in the same oil......ect. It would actually be fairly easy to make the places OK for Celiacs if basic care for CC was taken. The issue is that a lot of the places here are not fluent English speaking or just simply don't even know what I'm talking about.
  10. Struggling...

    Namaste sells big bags of gluten free flour at Sam's Club or Costco pretty cheap (for gluten free stuff) and they have a really good recipe for brownies on their website. They are my go to baked sweets now days.
  11. No, is should not be any different for kids. One thing in a face of several others shouldn't exclude a DX. Has nothing do with being a kid or not.
  12. Great to hear! Also, now that you know gluten is a problem you may actually see an improvement in your depression and anxiety as a lot of diagnosed celiacs will improve in both areas when they go gluten free. I know my anxiety has improved a ton since going gluten free.
  13. looks to me like the normal range is 0-19, her result is 4. the "i" looks like a product of copy and pasting from a webpage.
  14. If you were gluten free for three months these tests are almost useless, unfortunately. Those tests are pretty much negative.
  15. Struggling...

    It took me about 6 months to get over it. Now, almost a year into it, I'm pretty well adjusted to it and it really doesn't bother me to have to eat my gluten free stuff when people are having pizza or other favorites from the old days. Of course, I've gotten a lot better a cooking as well, which helps.