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  1. Is cocoa gluten free? Nestle chocolate syrup looks to me like gluten free except the "cocoa" ingredient I'm not sure about. And Nutella is that gluten free? Thanks!
  2. Hi, My kids are being evaluated for adhd, possibly with sensory issues also. I am going to try a gluten free diet to see if this helps them focus, follow directions, calm down, etc. I am overwhelmed with the amount of preparation, cooking and special food shopping involved. A couple of questions: Do I need get new plastic food storage containers and a new cutting board? If there's contamination I won't really know since we don't have any GI issues. Does a little gluten in your diet cause a little bit of symptoms and a lot of gluten cause a lot of problems? (Do I even really need to worry about contamination from an old cutting board used for regular bread? Thank you!