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  1. i totally get it monkeyf, ive been gluten free 14 years and get stomach pain every time i eat gluten free bread,, im not going to eat it again!
  2. i was saying i know i cant diagnose myself. i did not know what a stricture was and tried to find out but nothing really explained it well . thanks
  3. i know thanks i just heard about them today so i thought i would find out more about them.
  4. lol i have been to 16 drs. they dont know im trying to find out what a stricture is but i cant seem to find out!
  5. im not sure i have one i dont know what they are. but i have a spot that is in my upper right intestine (it feels like) that hurts terribly after i eat .it isnt gallbladder, i had an ultrasound, but i thought maybe strictures were in intestines.
  6. i have a question.. ive been diagnosed 14 years 14 years gluten-free i just started having a new symptom been to 16 drs. noone knows but looked on this forum and it appears it could be strictures??? could i have more information on them can they be inflamed from certain foods then feel fine for a month? im so confused thanks