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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've now read a paper or two that suggest calprotectin is a poor test for Celiac's anyway. I'm due back in clinic in six weeks to discuss my biopsy results in depth with the lady who did my gastroscopy, she seemed as convinced as she could be by the appearance of my duodenum and past history. I will almost be happy if it is confirmed because I will finally have a path to follow, I've been fighting alone and trying to manage my problems for so long! Thanks Fenrir, hope it all goes well for you too x
  2. It's all starting to come together though. In January 2013 as yet more symptoms surfaced and I saw my doctor for my fourth sinus infection in three months, I said to him "I can't help feeling that all of these weird symptoms have to be something underlying". At which point he said "I know it's hard but I promise in six months time you won't have any ongoing health problems" LOL (changed doctors obviously.) My laundry list goes like this; - Erythema nodosum - Canker sores - Raynaud’s (primarily in my feet + chilblains) - GERD - Allium intolerance - Cracks at mouth corners (occasionally) - Gas/extreme bloating (only when eating trigger foods) - Running nose (constant) - Bleeding gums - Scalloped tongue - Painful bumps on tongue (occasional) - Dishydrotic eczema - Benign fasciculation syndrome - permanent chapped lips - Obsessive thirst - TMJ syndrome (jaw clenching day and night) - Overgrown cuticles and breaking skin on fingers - Brittle peeling nails - Anxiety - Headaches - Extreme sugar cravings - Sinusitis repeatedly - Very vivid dreams All at 28 It's all downhill from here lol
  3. Hi all, Just looking for a bit of knowledge and/or confirmation from you experienced folks! I've had a lifelong reaction to garlic, but didn't realise I was actually intolerant to garlic until I was mid teens. I then didn't realise that all of the onion family affect me very badly until I was 27! By this point my symptoms (extreme bloating, acid reflux, mouth ulcers, abdominal pain, IBS) were near constant, my reaction to the onion family had gotten worse and worse over time. I had also developed GERD so then had to exclude a whole array of other foods from my diet. (tomatoes, peppers, alcohol, citrus or anything acidic, etc) I have a family history of gallbladder problems, IBS and Crohn's disease. Although neither of these things are strongly suspected in me. I've had numerous blood tests for a variety of things, including calprotectin (negative) and the blood test for celiacs (also negative). I am not anaemic either. I was on Omaprazole for 12 months (worked a bit) and Ranitidine for 6 months (Not very good at all...) After waiting 18 months!!! I finally had a gastroscopy yesterday... Apparently after 17hrs fasting my stomach was sloshing full of acid. My oesophagus is normal, my stomach looked normal, my stomach biopsy showed me as negative for H. pylori. The nurse then took a look at my duodenum before taking two biopsies, she immediately noted that it was smooth and afterwards gave me a gluten free diet sheet and told me that she thinks I am an asymptomatic celiac and my other intolerances would likely clear up over time if I go gluten free... Soooo... sound familiar to anyone? I felt immediately scared that I would have to struggle to eat even more than ever before. But a colleague said this morning that I'd be swapping a relatively rare digestive problem for one that is almost "mainstream" and catered for. Not sure how to feel basically.