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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Newbie Who Feels Lost

    First of all thank you everyone for the input! NoGlutenCooties that makes so much sense! Today I couldn't facing going to work so I went to the walk in clinic to see what they could do for me. So they referred me to see a Gastroenterologist, sent me for blood work (not blood work for celiac because I don't have the money for it at the moment), and gave me a prescription for Metamucil. I also stopped at another clinic and made myself an appointment to see a dietician. I'm praying the Metamucil is okay gluten wise to take, that it does give me relief and doesn't cause havoc on my system like it did when I was a kid.
  2. Newbie Who Feels Lost

    I never thought about the hypothyroidism, would they have caught that when sending me for all the blood work when initially investigating the infertility? My doctor did give me a requisition for the blood work but at this point can't afford it after the Invitro. She did include a test to check my thyroid on that same requisition. Would going gluten-free affect the results of the thyroid results? My stool seems to keep getting bigger to the point that I'm clogging the toilet. It's so embarrassing I'm dreading work tomorrow in fear that I will have to go (we only have one plunger and it's usually in the men's washroom. This causes me great anxiety. My cousin suggested I take psyllium husk capsules. I'm afraid to take something like that because as a child I have had bad experiences with Metamucil. As I type this I have a dull aching pain in what I think is my intestines. Ugh... I thought this would be easy and solve problems not create more...
  3. Hi I recently went thru Invitro Fertilization Treatment (husbands count is low and nothing showing to be wrong with me). I have one frozen embryo left. I live in Canada and Invitro is not covered by health care. So this one embryo is my last chance. So this being said I am writing in here because I'm trying to increase my chances before the transfer of the embryo. When I was about 17 I was diagnosed with IBS. I remember being around the age of 12 or so and having problems with bowel movements. The stools would be so large that my mom would freak out at me. She made me eat whole wheat bread, reduced cheese, and gave me Metamucil. Those days were the worst I remember having extreme cramps and gas but I can't remember if it resolved the large stool issue. Since the IBS diagnosis I've just learn to avoid foods that were a huge trigger for me these foods are: dairy, popcorn, egg yolks, oatmeal , whole wheat bread, taco seasoning, and jam. So most of the time I go days between bowel movements and usual have large and hard stools. Then I get these moments of bad cramps accompanied with loose stools. I just never get a happy in between. So I am not really sure if I have celiac's, I asked my doctor for the requisition for blood work only later to find out that Ontario Health Insurance Plan doesn't cover this cost and neither will my private insurance. After reading here and there that this blood work isn't overly accurate I'm just not interested and dumping more money in the drain. So I decided just to go Gluten free a week ago. I have mostly been eating non processed foods and my protein shake that is gluten and lactose free. I really feel like I'm not getting relief with bowel movements, I know I need to give my body a chance. Today there was blood on the toilet paper after a bowel movement. I guess I just need some reassurance.