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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I will head over there.
  2. SPinch03 ~ I am on the journey with you. Had an endo with a colonoscopy on May 8th. All biopsies were "normal" and my doc took quite a few & then requested they be "sliced". Took the transglutaminase blood tests previously to having the endo (while still eating gluten). IGA was elevated, IGG was in normal range. Asked for genetic marker tests to be done. Both my gastro & primary docs balked but ordered them up for me anyway. After 4 weeks, I'm still waiting for my results to be read. They have arrived at both docs' offices but my primary doesn't know how to read them, so is not willing to show me the results. She's waiting on my gastro's interpretation but he's been on vacation for the past week. My primary only works three days a week, so between the two of them I've gotten no answers to anything! It's very frustrating! In the meantime, I've been eating gluten-free since my colonoscopy prep May 7th and am feeling so much better! Like you, SPinch03, I too would like to have some kind of diagnosis from all of these tests! Chances may be that I am NCGS but I'd still like to rule out celiac, if at all possible. If I have the gene marker(s), I want my family to know so they can be tested. That's part of the reason I am trying so hard to get a definitive answer. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling very confident in my two docs right now and am thinking of taking my test results to a doc who deals with celiac more often. I live in a small area, so we don't have the specialists that the larger areas do. Can anyone here recommend a knowledgeable celiac doc in CA? I live along the Central Coast & can travel in either direction. Thanks! Good luck, Spinch03. Update when you can.
  3. GFinDC ~ Thanks for your reply. I ran out of the Jarrow IBS & need to replenish with something. I'll check into both that you posted.
  4. Hi GFinDC ~ Thanks so much for the great info & links! I really appreciate it! I'm a bit confused about the probiotics. There are so many out there & I've heard I should be taking one with at least 7 strains. My gastro's P.A. gave me samples of VSL#3 but warned me they are very expensive to purchase. I haven't taken any of them. I did try Farrow's IBS one. It was ok but it only has one strain in it (plantarum) that is supposed to be good for IBS (which I also have(. I used them for the first month but am wondering if I need a few more strains involved. Still pondering........ Any suggestions on a good one?
  5. Sammykins ~ I definitely understand your stance against doing a gluten challenge! From my experience, medical docs don't seem to know much at all about nutrition. I don't remember ever having a doctor attempt to discuss food with me. When I spoke to my primary this week, I let her know that I was experiencing constipation (again) after I had been gluten-free for a week. She moved on to the next issue and it was as if I hadn't mentioned it at all. I don't know if this is a good place to mention (but of course, I will!) that I had been seeing something called a Squatty Potty being advertised on the internet. The graph on their website explains that we have a pelvic floor muscle that relaxes when we "squat" for bowel movements but it gets stuck if we're using the American "sitting" position. By this muscle relaxing, gravity helps to move things through the canal much easier. Becoming curious about this new information (and with nothing to lose since I was so constipated anyway), I decided to give the position a try. I turned my bathroom trash can upside down & put my feet onto it, thereby lifting my knees to an easy squatting position. To my amazement, it did make the process much easier! I suggested to my hubby that he give it a whirl and he reported better success, as well. So I went ahead and ordered the actual Squatty Potty, but one could easily just use a small stool to get the same results. Now I am the one heading back under the covers while blushing.....yet I must say that if even one other constipated person is helped by my frankness, then it will be worth it. Oh, one more thing. I have tried very hard this week to balance my soluble and insoluble fiber intake and I think that is also helping to get me on the track. Drinking plenty of water, supplementing with acacia powder on fresh fruit for breakfast, moving my body more, and snacking on a few dried prunes before bed is proving to be beneficial.
  6. FruitEnthusiast ~ I agree with you wholeheartedly! The majority of the medical field is always touting "more fiber". One thing I wonder about doctors is how much training they receive (or how much they read) on nutrition. And dieticians/nutritionists seem to be a small crowd in the medical field. I truly wish we had more of them!
  7. Sammykins ~ Thanks so much for your post. It's interesting about the soluble vs insoluble fiber. I receive info from an IBS site & sometimes drink their fennel tea & also take their acacia powder (soluble fiber). The gal that runs the site swears that IBS people need soluble fiber and very little insoluble fiber. She's been purporting this for years. All docs I have been to (and most of what I've found online) purport the opposite, that we need more insoluble fiber. I've always wondered about this. About a year ago, I changed my diet over to consume more soluble fiber, following that website's recommendation. About 3-5 months into eating that way, my bowel habits began to change and the constipation subsided. Yet at that point, I was having just as many abdominal issues but on the other side of the spectrum. That's when I became concerned that maybe something was going on that I wasn't aware of. I also started having pain around my small intestine area after meals and began to suspect celiac. Now that I am gluten-free (a little over a month now), I no longer have the small intestine pain but am having more problems with my bowel. I agree with you that some people may feel better with more insoluble fiber and some may do better with more soluble fiber. Each person must try it out to see how they feel. The last few weeks, I've been consuming more insoluble fiber and am still having problems with constipation. It might be nice to work with a dietician but I can't locate one locally and my gastro's office is of no help (it takes over 3 months to get in for a consultation appt.). At this point, I'm wondering if I should add in more soluble fiber to see if that might help or hinder my constipation problems. It seems like a neverending quandry. Thanks again for your post. I hope you continue to do well.
  8. Hi dilettantesteph ~ So sorry about your son's negative reaction to the endo. Glad he was able to heal. Thanks for sending good health wishes. Since I'm eating way more fiber now and drinking lots of water, I'm s-l-o-w-l-y coming around. Oh, and moving and getting more exercise seems to be helping too. I hope your son's health is stable now.
  9. Hi SuzyWong ~ Yes, it does help to know that others are (or have been) in the same boat. I'm really sorry you've had such a hard go of it. I can't imagine having either of those procedures done without sedation! I'm not a fan of being put out, but I will say that this time they used propyphal (not sure of the spelling) on me and it worked like a charm. No druggie hangover or wooziness whatsoever. I am older (61 y/o) and I am quickly learning that as we age, our bodies take longer to return to "normal" (whatever that is!). As for the narrowing they found in your bowel, how did they remedy that? Did they tell you what might have caused it? Again, I'm so sorry you've experienced such a hard time.
  10. FruitEnthusiast ~ Thanks! I haven't heard about the water philosophy you noted but it sounds like something good to implement. Like you, I am staying away from processed foods & now know (experienced it the hard way) to stay away from the chips. I like salt better than sweets, so the chips have been hard to give up. Like you, once I start eating them I have no discipline. Thanks for posting your suggestions. I really appreciate it!
  11. To answer your question, I eat a small amount of cheese once a week. Thanks for your suggestions. I've added in high-fiber, exercise, and tons of water over the past four days & it seems to be helping with the IBS-C problem. My stomach is feeling much better after having gone gluten-free, for which I am very thankful! Again, thanks for your posts & suggestions!
  12. Naturechick ~ Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate you taking the time to post.
  13. Hi cylinglady ~ For the first three weeks of eating gluten-free, I wasn't aware that I was becoming badly constipated. I found out the hard way that the rices have very little fiber in them & that was mostly what I was eating, along with rice pastas. This week, however, I have been eating tons of veggies & fruit, along with flaxseed & taking a probiotic that is supposed to be good for people with IBS. I'm also drinking a lot more water than normal, which I hope will also help in elimination. As for dairy, I haven't drank milk in years. Nor do I eat ice cream or yogurt anymore. Cheese is a downfall for me but I do not eat it often and when I do, I eat goat or sheep cheese instead of cow. I seem to tolerate that a bit better. But like I said, I don't eat cheese often. I am making sure to eat only good oils (olive & avocado). I'm trying to stay away from corn tortilla chips but have found some Kettle chips made with avocado oil. I may have eaten a few too many the other day because I some cramping going on. Can you see anything in my diet so far that I should delete or anything I might need to add? I am not a big meat-eater, so my diet is pretty light. Thanks so much for your post!
  14. Hi Naturechick ~ Thanks for the suggestion about checking my vitamin B-12. I have an upcoming appointment with my primary doc & will inquire about being tested.
  15. I was diagnosed with IBS-constipation about 40 years ago. Last year, my bowels changed and I went from constipation to diarrhea. This May (2014) I underwent an endoscopy for celiac along with a 10-year re-check colonoscopy (my first one was normal except for evidence of IBS). The prep was agonizing for me and I've yet to feel healthy since those two procedures done in early May. Within a week after the procedures (and while being gluten-free), my bowels returned to constipation. I'm finding it extremely hard to find a good diet that is gluten-free while also having enough fiber in it to assist with the constipation. Is there anyone else who suffers with both of these situations? If so, what are you eating? Any help is much appreciated!