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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Left Side Pain

    So that left side pain is typical them?
  2. Left Side Pain

    thanks so much.
  3. Left Side Pain

    I have had a CT done, all normal. Only revealed diverticulosis. (Not diverticulitis). I had a pelvic exam, all normal. I had a colonoscopy, all normal. I even had a scan done of my ureters, bladder and kidneys... All normal!! I am at a loss and the doctors tell me they are too!
  4. Has anyone experienced this? I was diagnosed GI so far and I have had left side pain for about 2 months. It gets worse and better some days. It radiates to my back too. It's only on left side and pain is generally located just below left rib cage. Any ideas??? I have had multiple tests and no answers why. I have a friend who is also GI and she said she had this but hers went away. I have only been gluten-free for about a month. Started dairy free late last week. Thanks!
  5. Had a IgG result of 3.2 mcg/ml with a high flag to it. What does this mean? The dr said I am gluten intolerant. Celiacs too? Or too low? I am having colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow.
  6. I have had severe abdominal pain for a couple months. So I tried gluten-free one day and two days later felt a change. I had blood work done about 10 days in and it showed positive for gluten intolerance. So the GI is now doing colonoscopy and endoscopy. I will be one day shy of 3 weeks gluten-free, with day 3 I have non gluten-free crackers. Other than that, gluten-free to the best of my knowledge. Can I still test positive for Celiacs if indeed I do have it? I have never eaten gluten-free in my life prior to these 3 weeks. I am imagining I still have plenty of gluten or damage to be seen in my system if that's the case. I would love to hear back from people on this!! P.S. I also rotate between constipation and loose bowels, I have the chicken skin arms they call it, borderline anemic, infertility issues.