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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I have a question for u. We received the GI biopsy and that was what they call "Unremarkable". I believe that both skin biopsies that the derm ran were done wrong. The last one i believe was definitely done wrong, they did not take a biopsy on clean non affected skin, am I correct that they need to do that to do the biopsy correctly. We also did a home Nickel test, we taped a nickel (cleaned of course) and taped it to his back. No rash or bumps at all. Thanks again for all of your knowledge that you pass on.
  2. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has had a good experience with a Dermatologist? We have an appointment at the University of Chicago, but just wanted to see if anybody knew of someone that could maybe help us with my son's rash. Thanks again?
  3. The IGM was actually in the skin, sorry I was not more clear. I do not know other than what I have read but are the chances of it being negative really high, he has only had the rash twice in the last 5 months and the first time that he developed the rash was in December. Thanks
  4. I really have my doubts that is what it is. He does not wear jewelry and it is in spots that I have not seen as spots for a nickel allergy.
  5. Hi, My son's biopsy came back as having IGM in it. The dermatologist said that he thought it could be a nickel allergy, does anybody know anything about that? Thanks
  6. My son is 6 and he is having an endoscopy on Wednesday next week. He had one skin biopsy and they said it was eczema, but the Dr (Derm) we seen on Wednesday of this week said no way and that he had IGM in his skin and that is the bodies first defense over invaders. He had another biopsy on a more active rash on Wednesday. Here is the link. Stand your ground with the doctors, you are the parent and if you want a test ran they should do it. I hope you get some answers soon. https://flic.kr/ps/2RWf8b
  7. Thanks, he has to be on gluten for at least a week and a half, maybe longer. IGM, what the dr (Derm) said it was is that is the first step and then it can go into the other IG..(possibly IGA). We were told that the biopsy came back as having ezcema and this dr said no way. I have no idea what CS is. I hope you get answers for you little one too.
  8. Ok I guess I was not that clear. Trying to get all the information in one post. The first derm in the same office was a PA. We were off of gluten for about 6 weeks, the rash went away but he was having stomach aches all the time and he did not have this before the rash. So we went to our PCP and she wanted him to go back on gluten to get tested and we did. He has been eating gluten for since the middle of January. We have an EGD next Wednesday, but yes she did the biopsy when he was on gluten and it came back negative for IGA, but I found out today from the dr that it came back as positive for IGM and CS. We ended up seeing a Dr instead of the PA and he did another biopsy, this time it is of the more active rash. He said that he is 70-80 % positive it is Dermatitis Herpetiformis. He said in all his years of practice that this is one case he is sure that it is DH. We will see, but we are on Gluten for now and we have the skin biopsy done and the EGD coming up. https://flic.kr/ps/2RWf8b
  9. My son is 6 and he came down with a really bad rash in December so we went to the Dr, they thought it was Staph, but it was not. We then went to the Dermatologist and she thought it was DH and told us to go Gluten Free and then we went back for the biopsy and she said that it looked so much better that we could just skip the biopsy. He then started really complaining of a tummy ache, pretty much every night and sometimes during the day. So our pediatrician sent us to a Peds GI and they wanted the biopsy done, I had taken photos to show them, because he did not have the rash at the time. Biopsy came back negative, I do not know if it was because it was not active or if he does not have it? Well last week the he had two spots that were getting really red, so I took him to the dermatologist, and he said that looks like classic molluscum, well it exploded right now it is on his face, knees, elbows, feet, and hands. He also has spots all over. I guess I am just wondering what everyone else on here thought. I am new and would like to post a picture, but I am not sure how. Thanks.