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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My sons 3rd grade teacher asked me if he can use products containing gluten for art/science projects (ie paper mâché paste, etc). I hadn't thought about this! How do you all handle it? Is it safe for him to be exposed to this stuff? Also, the kids use cloth placemats that are reused throughout the week. They each have their own (rolled up with a rubber band) and they are all stored in a big tub. Is this too risky for him? Should his be kept separately? My son has other issues that set him apart from his peers, and I don't want him to feel more different...but at the same time he needs to be safe....
  2. Will he still need to be sedated? We see the gi this week but I'm curious. Thanks! Also...what additional blood work go gi's typically do (he's has the celiac panel, all of which came back very positive)?
  3. He has had issues all his life---low muscle tone since he was a baby (not sure if it is related or not???), he has ADHD and Autism symptoms, he frequently drools (though no doctors--and we have seen MANY ENTs, craniofacial drs, etc over the years and had a few ENT surgeries to try to address--can figure out why), is very lethargic, is very, very skinny and has difficulty putting on weight, and his behavior is off the charts--lots of tantrums, extreme moods, etc. We finally found a pediatrician to tried to put all the symptoms together and decided to test for celiac as a first step. Also his ferratin is 8--I know that is low but I'm not sure how much?
  4. We just got back the celiac blood panel results on my 7 year old. The numbers are as follows (the report states that normal for all of these is less than 20): Gliadin IgG: 196; Gliadin IgA: 404; tTG IGA: 252; tTg IgG: 163; Endomysial IgA Screen = Positive. This is all VERY new to us, as this diagnosis came very unexpectedly. We have a referral to a GI, but our pediatrician feels that we do not need an endoscopy to confirm given the numbers. Those of you who understand all of this...what do you think of the results? Would you do an endoscopy?