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  1. I've been eating gluten for pretty much my entire life except for these past 2 weeks which I've decided to go glutenfree to potentially help another autoimmune disease I have. But now I'm curious as to whether I really have Celiac so I'm thinking to go in for a blood test. Do I have to continue eating gluten for the next 12 weeks, or it is okay to just go in now since I've only been gluten free for a short amount of time?
  2. How long do I have to be eating gluten before I can go in for a blood test for celiac?
  3. So to start off, I have not been tested for Celiacs disease. I don't think I've shown any symptoms of having Celiacs so as of right now it is unclear whether I have the disease or not. However, I'm on this site because I thought it would be a place I could learn more about the gluten-free diet and the effects I am having from it. I am currently on a gluten-free diet because I suffer from a different autoimmune disease called Alopecia. I've read that people with autoimmune diseases such as mine would benefit from excluding gluten from their diets and so I decided to try it. It's been a few days since I went gluten-free and mostly I've just been sticking to whole foods but finally I decided to try out some prepackaged gluten-free foods because I cannot live without my pasta and bread. I'm fine with the bread but when I eat the gluten-free pasta (I use Schaers gluten-free spaghetti for reference) I get RAVENOUSLY hungry 15 minutes after I just ate an entire plate of pasta. I thought maybe this is because gluten-free pastas contain less fiber than gluten pastas but this doesn't explain why I continue to get insanely hungry directly after I eat other things (such as fruits and other snacks) in an effort to try to appease the hunger. On top of this, I got bloated right after eating the pasta and also gassy. It's like I'm having Celiac symptoms from eating gluten-free foods! So strange... Can anyone explain why this is happening?