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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Interesting! And yes i am gluten light. I only eat gluten when we go out for I dont even keep bread in the house (Just waffles for the other kids and frozen PB&J and yes separate toaster) It just irked me that the nurse was so UN-informed.
  2. I had a full panel done. Complete. Everything was normal. :/ I emailed my Dr to have a celiac test done and his uninformed nurse emailed me back. I might just email my girls Ped GI to order the tests for me.
  3. So we have been living mostly gluten-free for the girls (2 girls with celiac in the house) the they are doing great. Now i know i am the carrier for the gene. I know that celiac can come on at any time and when i was tested 2 years ago i was negative. But now i am having health issues (I am not completely gluten-free just the girls) swelling in joints, tired all the time, anxiety, weight gain, headaches. No tummy issues.. all tests have come back negative (lupus, ra, ect.) They did not retest for celiac, but i did test positive for a marker for an Auto Immune disease. Heres my question... Did you get a diagnosis for celiac disease without the common tummy issues? thanks!
  4. ^^ Perfect thank you for the input about the lunch box. I hadn't even thought about warm foods. Ill put that on my list of questions to ask the preschools when we go and look around.
  5. thank you! We will have to try sunbutter. I am also thinking i am going to find some good lunch meat.
  6. I need some ideas. I was sending my DD with fruit salad and a single serve peanutbutter cup every single day. Well they are crazking down on nut butters and everyone gets tired of fruit and doesnt fill you up. SOOOO what do you send your kids with? ALSO i was wondering. I am sending my almost 4 year old celiac child to preschool (which is not gluten-free) what kind of lunch box? Do you use a bento box? thanks!!!
  7. So basically my pots are glutening my girls? I cant afford a new set. My husband thinks i am crazy. (for thinking we need all these new things. ) oy
  8. i think i will start with a food journal. Thanks guys! Could it be pots and pans hiding gluten maybe?
  9. The only dairy she eats is cheese and butter. We have used almond milk for years because we thought she was dairy intolerant to begin with.. (All her issues started with birth) Im relieved to know that the stomach pains are normal.. But it saddens me that she is not going ot be better for a while longer. I wish this was quicker.
  10. I am a mom of 4 kids. 2 with confirmed celiac disease. Our house is gluten free. The 2 who do not have celiac are allowed to eat gluten when we eat out and places other than home.
  11. I cant really help you but i totally relate. My 3 year old has has issues since birth. She was 100% breast fed for 12 months and struggled with food until 2. She basically would not eat anything but peanut butter and cheese. She constantly had funky poops and she grew at a super slow pace. She was always 25th %. When i finally had enough of the constant complaining about her tummy i asked for a referral and the GI ran every single test for stomach issues. She came back positive for celiac. Since going gluten-free she is so much better. She has filled out and gained 3 lbs in 3 months! its amazing. I also agree with the others. Kids grow in spurts. But going from 50th to 3rd is not okay. i would ask for a second opinion.
  12. So its been about 3 months since i completely cleaned out my kitchen. I have gotten all new cooking spoons, a new toaster and completely changed the way my family eats. We have not had any amount of gluten in the house since the end of school (a month ago) and even when there was bread i was really careful about cleaning up and using a new fresh paper plate to make the kids sandwiches. Anyhow.. My smallest is still complaining of a tummy ache on a daily basis. Does it take awhile for the gluten to work itself out or does this sound like a different problem? On a good note.. Both girls skin has cleared up and they have both gained weight. Its amazing how much can change in a short period of time.
  13. Mourning My Loss?

    Crying again. My middle daughter just had a positive for celiac. We will be better. I know. this is so hard!
  14. Mourning My Loss?

    OOOHHH okay! My DD must have that problem. She will not eat a tomato ever. she steers clear. Aww thats too bad! My niece is allergic to them as well
  15. Mourning My Loss?

    I eat lots of tomatoes? Why cant you have tomatoes?