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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm sorry you're still feeling nauseous. It's frustrating when you're not feeling well and can't pin it down to what is making you feel so awful. I'm kind of in the same boat, I've been feeling sick for the last three months, thought it was my pills making me sick, switched them and felt good for about a week, but now I feel like crap again. Can't figure out why. Drives a person insane. Good luck in your Zenability.
  2. Yeah, I would go for making your own. I have been looking at a lot of recipes since I have soy, dairy and eggs to deal with along with gluten. There are a lot of recipes for bars and most look pretty forgiving if you want to alter the recipe, especially since most of them are just roughage held together by some sort of sticky substance.
  3. I think most of that are celiac will tell you that we had streaks of good and bad. I have had stomach problems my whole life, but could go months and months without any symptoms and then out of the blue, total pain. Some people get sick every single time they get gluten, some don't. It varies from person to person.
  4. It takes some time for your stomach to heal enough that you actually retain your nutrients. I have lost an unbelievable amount of weight, over 150 pounds, without diet or exercise changes. About 45 of that was after going gluten free. I was never overweight until my mid 20's and then no matter what I couldn't control my weight and then two years ago I started losing weight like crazy. The last six months, I have been losing and gaining the same 12 pounds, depending on if I'm having good weeks or bad weeks. It's good that you are on a high cal diet. I understand that it's scary to watch your scale keep going down, but it will get better and then out of the blue your pants will be tight. I'm six foot and weigh about 165 and am wearing a size 4 and the only thing keeping me in a size 4 is extra skin. I understand the scariness but it will get better.
  5. Hugs to you Nicole, arthritis is a b%$@#. I have it pretty bad in my spine and my hips and knees have been getting progressively worse the last few years. I hope they get it all figured out for you and can get you on something so you're not in so much pain! Colleen, I think we all need gene therapy to go along with the parts department, something to get rid of all these nasty genes we have.
  6. A Little Update

    Thanks you guys. Day 2 and I'm feeling good so far. It was so nice here yesterday, the kids and I walked into town and back, about two miles, something I couldn't have done a week ago. It felt really good. Hopefully I can keep it up, I have a lot of muscle mass to try and get back after all the weight I have lost. My insurance won't pay for anymore physical therapy and I really can't afford to pay it out of pocket. I will look into getting full bottles of my meds, especially since the are only ten more pills than my script is written for now. I was taking thyroxin to begin with at a dose of 200 a day which is rather high for my weight and my levels haven't been stable which they thought was due to me having some major absorption issues and they said that some people just don't do well on the generic so they switched me to the Synthroid. I expressed my concern with the doctor about the product being gluten free so she personally called Abbott and talked to them, They stated it's gluten free so I never questioned it. That was over three months ago. The weird thing is, my antibody levels really haven't changed much at all. I did switch doctors in between having my levels drawn and the normal ranges are a little different, but the results seem pretty comparable. It was 9 at one place with normal being <4 and then 12 at the other lab with normal being <10. But, anywho... A week ago I switched back to the thyroxin and am feeling good, so I'm pretty sure that was my issue. I'm still really foggy, but that isn't even bad compared to right around diagnosis lol. Just some garbled speech and problems figuring out words. At least I haven't called my BF by my ex-husband's name yet, so this is good. I don't have an appointment with ENDO again until August, but I'm going to ask her if there are any other meds I might be able to take. Another nice thing that has happened is I'm having a wonderful experience so far with my new doctors. It's nice after the roller coaster ride I took with the last facility. I have had appointments with ENDO, GI, and my new GP, but they couldn't get me into Rheumatology until October, but I'm on a call list for that if they have cancelations. Hopefully they can get me in sooner. I'm still having the dizziness and fainting issues, that hasn't seemed to get better, but I might have to give it some time. Does anyone have any good suggestions on when to get my levels checked again? Not sure if August would be too soon or if I should wait until October?
  7. After searching and searching for a possible source of cc and not finding anything, I switched back to my original thyroid medication about a week ago. I woke up this morning feeling GREAT! Crossing my fingers hoping it isn't a fluke. I really wish they would quit putting allergens in medications, or at least do more extensive testing on each lot to make sure they are putting out a gluten free product. It's frustrating to be told a product is gluten free to find out the hard way it isn't. Now, hopefully my levels stay stable.
  8. Have you had your antibody levels redrawn to see if you are getting cross contamination from somewhere? Do you have a shared kitchen?
  9. Celiacs are enigmas, we are like snowflakes, no two alike. My daughter and I are both celiac, both have had issues since birth but just diagnosed a little over a year ago, but our symptoms didn't get worse until I separated from my husband 4 years ago, a very stressful time. My son has had the same issues as my daughter and a few more on top of them, vitiligo and he has had "cradle crap" on his head since birth that no matter what we tried, it didn't go away until he went gluten free last summer and then when he went back to school and was eating gluten again, it came back. He has been tested and is negative on his celiac panel, but I feel that he will eventually test positive. People produce antibodies at different points in their disease and at different levels. My antibody levels were only 37 while my daughter's were >100, and I was a lot more sick than her. It's all a person to person thing.
  10. I agree with the others, stay off the internet. A month before my celiac diagnosis I could have sworn I had MS and Early onset Alzheimer's. I had a mediastinal mass that was wrapped around my aorta in 2010 and gave myself cancer before the mass was even removed, which was totally benign as were the other enlarged lymph nodes found in my chest. Our bodies don't follow normal medical protocol, we are a species of our own.
  11. Kraft shredded mozzarella and cheddar have 0 lactose per serving. I use them on my pizza, but still have to be careful on the amount I use and still take Lactaid and a anti-gas when I eat it. I'm a little over a year gluten free and too much dairy still bothers me. Ice cream I make myself with Almond milk or the Lactaid milk. I know nothing of casein allergies, someone else will have to chime in about that.
  12. I'm Back And I'm Sick

    Hugs to you Bart, I'm in the same boat right now. It's driving me crazy trying to figure out just WTF is going on. Is it my diet? - don't think so, everything I eat or could make it's way into my mouth has been checked, checked and then checked again. Thyroid? Levels are normal, went back to my old meds even though I've been reassured by the company that makes the new ones, that they are in fact gluten free ( switched them a week ago, still no change). I know when my TSH is high, I get awful cramps and insomnia, but so does gluten ARGHHHHH. The bloody stool - who knows? I guess I can't say if the Thyroid issues alone can cause that or if it's gluten, I have had it during a hypo flare, but my tTg levels have never been normal, been stuck at the same level now for six months so I can't say for sure. I wish I could help, but I can't except for common support.
  13. I say tell your Gastro Professor to do a little more recent research., ask how a couple day bout of gastritis can pretty much destroy the inside lining of your small intestine? Most " old school" doctors still have the antiquated beliefs that Celiac is a childhood disease. Many of us on here have medically proven otherwise. Did you have TPO Antibodies drawn also, or just the regular thyroid panel? Without the TPO, it's hard to diagnose Hashi's. Most people can be borderline hypo with still normal TSH results but have TPO antibodies through the roof.
  14. That really doesn't have to be it. If you aren't happy with the answers you are getting, get a different doctor. Just because you tested negative last year, doesn't mean you haven't started producing antibodies now. It's not a test that if you test negative, you are negative forever, those numbers can change. I hope you figure it out and get to feeling better soon.
  15. Anti-Depressants!

    Best advise, call the manufacturer. Glutenfreedrugs.com hasn't been updated in over a year and manufacturers change ingredients or wholesalers all the time. I call on every prescription, every month. It's a pain in the ass, but up to date information. The last thing I want to do is take the word of a website that hasn't updated their info for over a year.