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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. For curiosity's sake, As I had said I noticed the most improvement cutting out wheat but I've since been able to eat things I know are contaminated with gluten, and I was just wondering if anyone had any scientific idea of what other little thing something might be, as I noticed this was a forum with a multitude of intolerances. I've not had much chance to talk about it with anyone in my region as most people in my family and the like equate a food intolerance with picky eating. I can follow a gluten free diet and for the most part be fine(as I said I wondered if it might be something else for the minor reactions I have supposed gluten free foods) but if it isn't that in particular I would just like to know what other possibilities might be, not looking for a diagnosis or anything. There isn't just alot of information on non-celiac gluten sensitivity to be found from a google search.
  2. New to the forum, hi guys I post this here because I'm fairly certain my intolerance is not(or at least not entirely) related to gluten, and I know i'm not celiac. I've always been a little tired after eating, and for most of my childhood and teenage years I ate primarily bread, and quite horribly. A few years ago when I started dating my now wife I got mono, and probably overdid it. After that I would basically become completely non-functioning after having lunch. In this order, BP skyrocketing, increased heart rate/palpitations, irritability would be an understatement(and i'm a very cheery person) soreness in my back muscles and after a couple hours a sudden tiredness that would almost make me collapse on spot. Never any other stomach or intestinal issues though. Well after nearly a year of gaining 50 pounds despite being active, constant brain fog and the feeling of a burning ulcer in the pit of my stomach, I finally got it together enough to do a completely gluten free diet. After 2 days I was sold and haven't intentionally eaten anything contaminated since, and have since lost all the weight I had gained. But the more I read about it and experiment with foods trying to find out what exactly it is that affects me, the more I don't believe it's gluten. The first tip was that I was never had an adverse reaction whenever I would have a beer, even wheat beer. Then, I realized I was okay having ezekiel bread even though it has right under the ingredients organic wheat flour and organic wheat gluten. And then I started having, very randomly, similar reactions to gluten free flours, though few and far between. I've done elimination diets for a few of the more prominent foods and found most to not bother me. So i'm wondering, what on earth could it be? My initial thought was that it might be some form of pesticides used on most wheat fields, because I could handle the organic ingredients in ezekiel bread, and oats bother me unless I eat those from dedicated oat fields, and I'm okay with regular soy sauce and barley tea, which made me wonder if it might have something to do with it being processed and in liquid form. I eat a generally grain free diet now anyway, so I'm not intending to add whatever toxins back as a regular diet staple, I would just appreciate any outside opinions from those more knowledgeable than I. Thanks for any help