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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The better you can stick to the diet the better your healing should be. Try and make sure you always have a safe snack handy in case you're far from home. I guess you're far from home on a regular basis but you know what I mean! Try and heat as well as you can, especially in the first few months. Your body is probably starved of nutrition so eat well. Also, despite the blood test results, consider taking a decent vitamin supplement. I take B vitamin complex and magnesium and find both help with tiredness etc. Good luck
  2. Intolerant to lots of foods

    I also tested negative for both. A food diary and gluten challenge established however that gluten and dairy was an issue. Can you eat eggs? They're a great source of protein and omelettes are a great way to introduce other foods too. I have a large omelette for breakfast stuffed with spinach or other veggies. Good way to start day. Search this site for some of the vegetarian threads. Lots of people have been in same position as you. Also try reading up about GI index. Potatoes for instance can be a bad choice, try and pick foods with a lower index score that take longer to turn into blood sugar. You've found a good site, lots of support available here This site helped a lot. Trial and error, becoming stricter on diet, learning the pitfalls and cutting out cross contamination. Food diary was probably the biggest single thing which helped me identify what was causing a problem. Best of luck
  3. I had similar findings but was very surprised when the biopsy was negative. Nevertheless, the gluten-free diet resolved my symptoms. So do consider going gluten-free again once testing is done. Best of luck!
  4. Fun for the whole family this one... Think of the hospital visits saved! Play a fun game of guess the marsh level! Note, this may not be medically approved....
  5. Hi Joseph, It would be interesting to find out what you think glutened symptoms are? If you are thinking primarily digestive issues you would be wrong in the majority of cases. Some of the things I would wrongly have thought weren't gluten related before I removed it from my diet include back pain, trembling hands, cold feet, body sweats, nervous tics, anxiety, depression, brain fog, skipped heartbeats, chest pain, spots, greasy skin, dandruff, eyesight issues and lots more. None of which I thought connected, all of which mostly resolved after the diet change... There's also such a thing as silent celiac, may be worth googling that one also. Best of luck!
  6. YES! I'd forgotten about those, they are delicious I will keep eye out for the Costa mince pie, I was in there last week and it was packed because the Xmas drinks were out. Amazing to see how coffee culture has caught on over here. Hope you are soon feeling better Christiana
  7. Hi Jan and welcome First, have you joined Coeliac UK? Do consider it. Your son will qualify for reduced membership. They will send a book with safe supermarket foods listed, the none gluten free branded ones will save you a fortune. They will also put you in touch with Coeliacs in your area that can offer help and support. There's a page he may find useful on their site: https://www.coeliac.org.uk/gluten-free-diet-and-lifestyle/advice-for-children-and-young-people/teenagers-and-young-adults/ Second. 4 months in is still relatively early days so there's every chance greater improvement will happen. I used to get horrible chest pains and I do occasionally get a twinge now and then, but that lets me know I'm not taking enough care with my diet. However, do not discount the chance that gluten is somehow sneaking in somewhere. There's a newbie thread here with some advice. https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/91878-newbie-info-101/ On dairy, he may have lactose intolerance which may pass as he heals. Or he may have casein intolerance as I do, which isn't going away. Food diary will help. Keeping off it for first few months may also. Don't forget a good multivitamin too. Third. Write a letter to his school. Give some details about where and when he was diagnosed as coeliac. Include a link to Coeliac UK. Mention this is a serious medical condition which affects your sons ability to sleep, concentrate etc. Ask them to arrange a meeting so you can discuss your son's special needs due to this illness and that in advance of this meeting you'd appreciate any information on the school's policies towards children with special needs or any help which may be available. Mention that his exams are coming up, he may be able to get extra time to complete them or extended deadlines for coursework etc. Be polite, but don't be fobbed off. By anyone, schools, doctors etc. And last, to your son - you're going to get better, you're going to feel better than you ever thought possible. The diet will be tough, but not as tough as going through life with this condition undiagnosed or on gluten. It will get better, you'll get better at it, more experienced. There's lots of good foods you can eat and gradually you'll focus on those rather than the things you can't have. Every day is going to be a bit better until one day you won't even think about it and you'll be getting on with your life same as everyone. Best of luck to you both! Matt
  8. Yeah they looked fantastic didn't they? They had little mini stollen 'bites' some covered in chocolate Then there was the big stollen, which my family will be tucking into this xmas, maybe before the panetone. There were lots of other yummy looking things. BUT WE HAVE PUDDING So not all is lost!
  9. Aldi have their Christmas stuff out. They've got gluten free mince pies, I cheated and had one already, very nice... There's also gluten-free xmas puddings! Didn't cheat on that though. I have standards... Didn't see any gluten-free xmas cake though it shows one on their site.
  10. I occasionally go out to a pub. I no longer drink so I would have a black coffee. Occasionally I would get a dreadful stomach churning effect from it. I switched to soft drinks and then, again, got the stomach churning. Finally I got a straw and drank straight from the bottle. Stomach was fine... My conclusion is that I've become more sensitive over time and now the tiny amount of cross contamination from indifferently washed cups and glasses is sufficent to set my immune system on edge. Maybe its milk particles in the coffee and gluten in the glasses? I never imagined this would be the case but there you have it *Note I'm NCGS, but appear to suffer much the same...
  11. Hello and welcome It's difficult advising about NCGS as there's little firm evidence available. I've tried to collect the best of it here: https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/117969-non-celiac-gluten-sensitivity-a-resource/ I'd recommend the Umberto Volta link. He talks in detail about NCGS and in particular his advice that NCGS patients need to strictly follow the gluten-free diet just as Celiacs do. Now that's how I live and experience has taught me that I can't take chances and have to be careful of small amounts of cross contamination. However I don't think everyone is the same and there may be others who are ok with varying levels. It's very difficult to generalise because the condition is little understood and many indeed doubt its existence or that its symptoms are caused by gluten itself. So bearing all that in mind, my advice to you would be to take reasonable precautions and try perhaps at least for the duration of your pregnancy to be fully gluten free. Any experiments you wish to make on what diet is viable for you can wait till after the happy day? Best of luck! Matt
  12. Austin was one of my favourite places when I was in the US. It has so much going for it.
  13. You could make a fortune sending them over to the US forum members! They're the stuff of LEGEND over there...
  14. Having given up all cereals at the time of going gluten free I was tempted back to the 'dark side' by Nestle. Their 'Go Free' range are delicious, excellent corn flakes and very good rice crispies (sorry Kelloggs, 'Pops' then) if I feel like a nostalgic return to childhood. One thing I like about them is the box size, design etc is very much akin to the 'normal' products which now reside in the Supermarket area I like to call 'Mordor' - the forbidden lands I used to roam, but where evil lurks behind every pack or tin can... Instead of being from some niche form of supplier with niche labelling, niche packet size all of which scream 'NICHE' this is a pack very much like the Orcs eat Last time I went shopping I picked up my corn flakes without much thought and it was only later when I was looking in the cupboard that I spotted the fearsome Dark Lord of the Sith Wannabe 'Kylo Ren' glowering at me. It surprised me. Not because I was clearly a very bad Jedi knight, failing to sense the presence of a dark side user under my nose (although this is undoubtedly true) but because this was the first time I could recall a genuine bona fide movie promo appearing on a gluten free product.... Check it out for yourself: https://www.nestle-cereals.com/uk/en/starwars Now many will think this is not the most important thing I could've written about and you're correct, but I found myself very happy to see this and not just because it's Star Wars... It's because I thought of all those coeliac or gluten sensitive kids across the country who have to eat all their meals from niche packaging and never get to participate in one of those silly but fun childhood rituals of opening a pack, collecting codes or coupons, 'winning' a promotional plastic cup or toy robot. Now I know this is marketing, that the execs who came up with the promos don't give a toss etc. But for once this is some advertising that I actually like seeing. I like the thought of kids choosing whether they get a Kylo or Rey pack or even kicking off if some hapless parent gets the wrong one So well done fearsome Disney marketing team and the somewhat checkered multi-national conglomerate Nestle for including these 'niche' consumers in your latest drive to cover the world in Star Wars logos, Yay, even beyond the very aisles of Mordor itself. May the force be with you.
  15. Follow CL's good advice above, but if once you've followed through on any further testing if it's negative for celiac consider trialling the gluten free diet regardless. I suffered from all those things and more and tested negative, but they all cleared up once I removed gluten Good luck!