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  1. Hi Gemma, Welcome to the very select, exclusive, super secret club of NCGS (or I if you like), where you get all the fun of living the gluten free diet with the added scepticism of half the medical establishment and most of the general public If you're interested in learning more, there's some good resources collected here: Feel free to add or just post there if you like. It's great that the diet is working for you. The emotional side is difficult no doubt. It does get easier, trust me, for you and those around you also. You get better at planning, at coping, at working around it etc. The availability of safe foods and wider knowledge continues to improve year on year. I've barely been back to Germany, one of my favourite countries, since going gluten-free but take some comfort in the fact that its always harder in a different country with a language barrier as well, but even so there's hope: https://foursquare.com/top-places/berlin/best-places-glutenfree-food https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurants-g187323-zfz10992-Berlin.html You maybe need to accept there's a level of preplanning needed now that wasn't there before and if you do that you can still be spontaneous in other ways? Expect some setbacks, at times its ok to cry. Or, er happen to get something in your eye if you're a strapping bloke who should know better Keep a good supply of nice safe snacks and treats at close hand. In your car/bag/pocket. Eat well before you go out. Have your freezer well stocked with nice safe food and your fridge too. Get to know what easy safe options are available, Are you in the UK? Join Coeliac.org and they'll send you the brilliant guide which will unlock so many safe, cheap foods, also available as an app. And post here, lots of good people with advice and support. Best of luck, Matt
  2. I'm guessing this is the result of an automated feed pulling any mention of gluten, celiac etc into the forum via admins account. I'm not complaining, there's several occasions on which this feed has been the first time I've learned of an interesting development in celiac research. On other occasions, like this one, it's simply bizarre. Such is the danger of an automated feed... admin if this isn't the case please accept my apologies! For the record if I were homeless I'd be delighted if I were presented with a gluten free sandwich and it wouldn't be likely to taste disgusting to anyone that couldn't eat the alternative and indeed hasn't for many years.
  3. After my hiatus hernia was diagnosed they advised me to eat small meals spread out across the day, maybe that may help?
  4. Ah I've googled it, as you guessed I was thinking of chilli con carne, this is something different! Sorry I can't be of help. ps, no offence, am sure it's lovely but I did find this hilarious: https://deadspin.com/the-great-american-menu-foods-of-the-states-ranked-an-1349137024
  5. I'm from the UK so I can't help you on the recommendation, but instead of canned chili have you tried making your own? It's super easy to do, far nicer and cheaper than any pre-made variety and you can make a big batch and freeze small portions so its always available if you need a quick filling meal? There's no reason a chili should include gluten btw, but if they're telling you that there's a high probability of cc its best not to eat there in any case! Edit: checked their site: https://www.skylinechili.com/special-dietary-options.php#glutenfree They're basically telling you there could be cc
  6. Tamari tastes pretty similar to how I remember soy sauce. I was so glad when I got my first bottle, I love chinese food and although restaurants and takeaways are a thing of the past it's one style of food I can actually cook pretty well. I won't be without Tamari now and usually travel with it if I'm away for a few days and will have somewhere to cook.
  7. Sore tongue and nose

    Hi Teresa and welcome Do you think you've been glutened? I get mouth ulcers sometimes when that's happened. Acyclovir/Zovirax was the only medicine that seemed to help with them. Oh and taking vitamins although that may be as much psychological. Do you eat dairy? Only asking as I have found it bad for my skin etc and have recently removed it completely from diet and feel a lot better. So I probably have some confirmation bias! matt
  8. Interesting. I got an above range PSA level recently and am supposed to be monitored now, though I've not heard anything. I have a family history of prostate cancer so it does cross my mind from time to time. I'm wondering if all this inflammation has maybe affected it and if this diet change will help... Yes! Great word whinge! It's my go to when I'm not carping, complaining, grousing or even better yet, grumbling!
  9. Hi Katie You've had good advice above from the forum MVP's Do follow it, but one further thing, don't be too hard on yourself for past failings. I find the diet hard now, at 16 I think I'd have responded in just the way you have. 19's a good time to get the diet sorted and let your body properly heal in time for an awesome 20s and beyond! Most of all...
  10. You deserve it! I always find myself reading your replies to others because there'll always be some good info, a practical solution or just some uplifting positivity in there. It must be all that Californian sunshine making its way through your posts, whatever, you deserve some good news and I'm glad you've got some. This: Is also brilliant and inspiring in equal measure.
  11. Hi and welcome This is a good place to start, not the only one, but a good one. There's plenty of helpful people who are a lot further down the road than you or me for that matter and lots of help and support available. There's also a great resource of previous threads which you can search through for answers on all kinds of weird things which gluten can do. I get that this may be your first forum and you'd be more comfortable with an instagram group or similar, but there's advantages to this kind of online contact which may make it a worthwhile alternative. Although you'll doubtless find plenty of people on other social platforms if you try. I think your post is one of the most interesting I've seen here. I find the psychological and emotional side of this condition much harder to deal with than the practical side. It's genuinely tough going at times, or at least for some of us. I'm also at the opposite end to you in that I have no trouble forgoing gluten for life, but I lack the diagnosis you've just been given, I'm 'only' gluten sensitive in other words, but the effects are enough for me to not want any part of it. I'm going to throw a couple of things out there that may or may not resonate with you. First, have you thought about your brain's relationship with gluten? It's a very interesting thing, it has an 'opiod' effect which gluten sensitive/celiac people seem to experience particularly strongly: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26825414 The point being that you may be experiencing this, that your compulsion to eat gluten may be, at least in part, related to it's impact on the opiod receptors in your brain. I know this is something I believe I experienced. It's remarkable how many of the people here who were being made ill by gluten foods had a particularly strong attraction to them. Second, does gluten impact your capacity to focus / make good choices? It does for me, it gives me a brain fog, it screws with my mood, makes me slightly bipolar even, and the weird thing is that there's an almost addictive side to that mental state, damaging as it is. If this is anything like you, then the good news is that if you can kick the gluten for sufficient time, you can start to get the sort of detachment and focus that makes it far easier to handle the diet choices. Third, have you considered that you may have other issues going on? I found that dairy for instance was also messing with me and that my mental state was far better without it. Fourth and last, have you considered getting some counselling to help you process this? You've had a diagnosis that has big implications on your life and there's a grieving process to go through that none of your none celiac friends and relatives will really understand. Talking online can help, but it may be you could find someone near you also to try and talk through some of the emotions you'll be feeling. Hope at least some of the above of help. Best wishes, Matt
  12. Here in the UK at least the reason Oats are problematic for celiacs (well coeliacs here I guess) is that they're harvested, processed and packed on the same machinery as the wheat which they're grown alongside. This proximity means its impossible to guarantee that some wheat won't sneak into the oats, unless you farm them separately, these are then sold as gluten free oats.
  13. Good luck delivering that message g It's a very depressing study though. I've little doubt that similar results would be found here in Europe and I do wonder what a similar gluten study would find. On the positive side I've just eaten a lovely dairy free dark chocolate with orange bar from UK retailer M&S. It cost me my arm and my leg but it's reassured me that chocolate will not completely be a thing of the past...
  14. No that sounds absolutely normal Nino. I wouldn't worry. You need to allow time for the biopsy to be analysed by a specialist and for the admin stuff that happens around that to take place. If they did suspect cancer they'd move quicker. Instead they're proceeding at the regular pace that a busy clinic/lab would normally move at. I would stay on gluten till your appointment with the doctor just in case they order another test, but that's just me others may disagree. Best of luck! Matt
  15. Hi and welcome It's tough to read about a little guy going through all that so I can only imagine how tough its been for you and your partner. It's good news however that he's diagnosed and you and his doctors can take the steps required to keep him safe. Responses to gluten can change over time so there's no guarantee your sons response will be the same. It may be that he gets more sensitive to small amounts with time, that's quite common. However sometimes responses can become very muted or even not show at first at all, but the immune response can still be taking place, so no letups or exceptions on the diet has to be the approach! There's some info here which may be of help: https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/91878-newbie-info-101/ Good luck to you all! Matt