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  1. The gp do different vit d too now. I costs more but I didnt tolerate d3 in normal form. I get captules d3 50000iu called aciferol d3, i sometimes lower dose in my own captues, seams no side effect for me and due find out if my vit d higher from 25 which is quite low to more safe level like over 50. It on aciferold3.com. Doesnt say has wheat gluten but i not been diagnosed Celiacs but do not agree with wheat due cfs / m.e I am hoping mine has gone up last 6 months.
  2. Hi i have read some posts on here about lager. I saw that fosters lager contain barley and wheat. I cant seam to find any info on ppm or ingredients. I know some things are trace amounts so have list it, i.e milk in wine even though no milk left just possible trace amounts as saw this on tv. I came back negative on colieac blood test nhs, but eat no bread at all or any meal or food with gluten aprt minor contaminations like domioes gluten free pizza etc. I live alone so no gluten in house but do admit have larger known again in excess. I was just curious what info people knew of, i know other lagers must have less than foster caring as dont say wheat just malted barely. I avoid wheat as have cfs / m.e so avoid it as think makes me more tired and bunged up but mainly bloated. I havent eaton wheat for a year apart from if have lager which is sometimes not for months sometimes few times a months in summer i tend drink lager more.