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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for all the replies, by super sensitive I'm mean like if I ingest the smallest amount of gluten I'll be I'll for days to follow sorry for not being clear, I'm still getting the hang if all of this.. My worst symptoms are having an upset stomach and migraines that last for days... I've read the newbie thread but perhaps I should reread it once kids are in bed so I'm not doing a million things while trying to read it. I'm also reading as many of the posts on here as I can to get as much info as possible and looking into local groups to possibly help with the whole transition
  2. Thanks for the fast response, I do plan on making the house gluten free once we get her results regardless of what it says but just haven't gotten around to it and not sure if the dr would want to scope her so was holding off until her test is back sometime next week... I don't think my stomach was ever this upset when I was eating gluten all the time and it has now added in some cramps/pain to join in the I wanna puke feeling urg!
  3. I'm new to all this my 2 year old daughter just got her blood work taken yesterday to see if she joining me and my son in world of celiac, and we just got dx'd a week and a half ago but still have gluten food in the house as I was keeping my daughter on it till her blood was taken as it was suggested I go ahead and get her tested on this site. Me and my son have been doing the best we can with taking it out of our diet the past 4-5 days and trying my best to avoid contaminating our food with sharing a kitchen where there's still lots of gluten... I've been feeling better already and my stomach has not been upset since Tuesday ... For lunch today I gave my daughter some toast and veggies and not thinking forgot to wash my hands and ate my veggies with my hands, also shared a few bites of my yogurt with my daughter, not even an hour later my stomach is very angry with me... So if I've only been gluten free for a few days and got glutened today with quick onset of my what I had come to accept as normal stomachache, does this indicate that I'm going to be really sensitive to gluten?
  4. Alright I'll be sure to push our dr to run the test and retest if needed, I've already considered talking to the daycare about it to see how we could work it to have her gluten free no matter what the tests say as I feel it would lessen the changes or CC for my son and I but it would be nice to know before hand that way if it is positive we won't need to make sure she's had enough gluten for long enough/ been kept on to have her tested again and causing her harm if she does have it and I'm really not sure how the daycare would work that my guess is I'd have to supply her food, dishes etc which wouldn't be a big deal as I already do that for my son at school so it's just making an extra lunch and snacks to send her but I'll have to talk with them first to know for sure
  5. Thanks for the tips, freezing meals sounds like a good idea for those nights I just don't feel like cooking or the late nights when I'd normally turn to a can of ravioli or ordering a pizza, I was told by a friend we have a good health food store not far from me that almost everything they sell is gluten free so I'm going to have to go check it out after the weekend Greenbeanie- thanks I'll make an appt with our dr and ask for my daughter to be tested as well she is uassally pretty good at ordering the tests I request but I do have to pay for the blood work so I think it was more her trying to save me money. My daughter doesn't really show any signs as of yet other then some constipation, but I think that was also my sons first sign along with bouts of diarrhea but I never thought anything of it.
  6. Thanks for the reply I've been looking around the sure and will be sure to make it into the newbie thread! I will be sure to keep checking in for others input on this. This site seems like it will be a great help with all of this and there's so much to learn it's hurting my head trying to wrap it around all of it but there seems to be a great community here to help me get through the adjustment period
  7. Hi, me and my son have just been dignosed as celiac's (just got results on Wednesday) so still freaking out of how big of a change this all is and trying to rid gluten from my house to get on the road to recovery... I have one thing that I've been wondering about, I also have a 2 year old daughter (just turned 2 in February) and she hasn't been tested because our doctor told us that she was to young for it to be accurate. My whole house is going gluten free and I just wanted to see if I should get my daughter tested before gluten is out of her diet or if I should wait until she's older? She'll be getting gluten at daycare when I go back to work after the summer so she won't be entirely gluten free.... Also looking for any tips or suggestions on making this major transition.