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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Smptoms

    I did not know all of this stuff was food related until I fasted for 5 days and never felt better in my life! I still could not get well even on celiac diet as my immune system was so messed up. I now cannot eat anything that is artificial-colors, flavors, preservatives, etc. My white cells attack my joints when I've eaten something bad and of course when we have so many things wrong all the docs think we are crazy, mine did too. I was ready for suicide and had all those barium tests that showed nothing wrong. Elizabeth that is on the show The View found she was celiac when she was first on the TV show The Survivor and had to fast for 3 days. Everyone else was weak and she felt wonderful. It is not that hard to fast and I would start there. Shingles is an immune problem too.
  2. A Used Breadmaker

    Most of us live with gluten people and have to share the kitchen. If we can wash and share the dishes and silverware I don't see why you can't clean the breadmaker. I'd put the basket thru the dishwasher.
  3. Are you eating anything new that you had not eaten before the gluten-free diet? This could be a food intolerance or a yeast die-off if you've eliminated sugar and flours. You could try fasting or eating things you are not now eating for a few days (at least 3) to see. We all seem to get the strangest symptoms, I now have what feels like water sloshing in one ear, I've had this off and on before and when I had a doctor she never could see anything in my ear. I have not had gluten but I have lots of food intolerances. I've had the drunk feeling and once slurred my words all day. Thought I was having a stroke! I'd give it another week and if still doing this see your doc.
  4. Wow, someone else crying alot! I have all of your symtoms but have been able to get control over the crying (someones for days straight) by eliminating sugar and simple carbs. I can now eat some if I eat with fiber and protein. Otherwise, can eat chips, potato or corn, and burst into tears in an hour over absolutely anything, even watching the news! I spent 6 months on a psychiatric ward when I was 16 (I'm now 60) and no one knew it was the candy bars I was eating all day to make myself feel better. They put me there as I would slit my wrists and cut myself to get the hurt out. Your rational mind is right on, but it is not silly, it is an imbalance.
  5. I'm new but would like to chime in! I'm too skinny as I don't eat enuf carbs, so need help too. What you ate today sounds wonderful, was your snack before 8pm? I understand our body does not digest after that until the next morning. Also, don't know tinkyada pasta, I don't think I've seen it at my healthfood store (Oregon) but will check again. And what is pcos and how do you test your blood sugar? Thanks, K.
  6. Well, here's another one, so I think your doc is wrong. I first started with the candida diet having no idea about gluten. When that cleared up but I still could not get well I just had to start looking around. I would think that most celiacs WOULD have yeast infections because our immune system and our intestines are impaired. What are you doing for all of it?
  7. Candida?

    So did I, dropped to 94lbs at 5'4", but you have to do it. It really is just the basics, meat and veggies. Dr. Crook says not even fruit to start because of the sugar. He does have recipes, I have all of his books and the cookbook but I'll bet there is a lot on the web. I have been able to get 10lbs back on now that I have been able to add back some carbs.
  8. I thought that coke had gluten because it has caramel coloring and caramel can have gluten. Anyone know for sure?
  9. Feeling Terrible Again

    Know how you feel. I have had the watery stuff lots., but never sure from what as I react to so many things. Do you have other food intolerances? The only thing I know how to do is drink lots of water all day to get the bad stuff out of my system. Hope some of the experts on here have some better ideas!
  10. What Should I Call "it"

    That is wonderful! We need a sense of humor with this, don't we?
  11. What Should I Call "it"

    The book Dangerous Grains says Celiac sprue and gluten sensivity are different, but the symtoms are the same. So you have gluten sensitivity, rather than being a celiac. I don't know which one I am, just know I can't eat it!
  12. Maize?

    Funny, you got 2 replies at the same time! At least we said the same thing.
  13. Maize?

    hi, maize is corn, so if you can do corn you can do maize. There is no gluten in it.
  14. Just Starting To Get Un-glued

    Boy, getting the yeast out can really make you sick for awhile with brain fogs and headaches. Have you read any of Dr William Crooks books on yeast and candida? You will get sick from the die-off of the yeast and feel worse before you feel better, so don't give up! Undiagnosed gluten sensitivity seems to make us sensitive to lots of other things. I'm allergic to alot of things in make-up, can't wear any lipstick because of the artificial color so use Bert's Bee's, it is all natural. Can do some Almay, Clinique I do better with. Sometimes I feel I need to be a chemist to figure this stuff out. Got sick from balsalmic vinegar then read elsewhere that is has naturally occurring sulfites and I react to all sulfites and nitrates. There could be hidden gluten, labels hide things. Found out there was barley in one of my rice milks, and of course it was not listed, but is used as an added protein. I use Clinique eyeliner, some of the others swell my eyes shut! If you react, just switch, we will probably never know everything that is hidden in the stuff we eat and use, very poor laws.
  15. My Plan Now......

    You were getting 2 bad things from the apple fritter. Sugar also causes brain fog and lethargy after the initial feel good rush. Dr. Frank Lawlis (he consults for Dr. Phil's show) wrote a book called The IQ Answer that explains how we can actually help our children do better in school and increase their IQ by changing their diet and eliminating sugar.