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  1. I can agree using the cast iron Or wooden utensils but someone please explain to me with backed up studies and data how a brand new Teflon coated pan can expand and allow enough perosity to open up and ANY food based product or anything for that matter get in that area. I'm not looking for " because I think or I was told to". I'm looking for raw data. As an engineer with secondary focus on metallurgy I don't understand
  2. My wife was telling me that we need to go out and purchase new pots and pans becasue she has a gluten intolerance. I find this ludacrious since out pans are new and teflon. I made some blueberry muffins in a muffin pan and even put paper cups in them and washed it, put it back and she will not use it claiming she an get contaminated....someone please shed some light on this subject Thanks