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  1. Hi there...I've been gluten free since my biopsy so about 10 months...still having random neckrash and hives on my eyelids and recently was tested for food allergies. The IgE results were all negative but the IgG came back positive for casein, wheat, corn, beef, apples, banana's, potatoes and tomatoes. It only tested 10 different things (ok for chicken and soy)...I've been trying to find information on this while waiting to see a nutritionist but my dr just said for now stay away from the highest offenders...the levels were supposed to be under 2.0 and corn was 11, bananas 9, beef 7.4, casein 5.5 etc..while tomatoes were 2.5 and potatoes were 2.0 which they marked as high... I was told at my endoscopy 10 months ago that I had a lot of visual inflammation of the esophagus, stomach and intestines and the results were celiac disease gerd and inflammation of stomach.... Many places I read that if you had low positives to ignore those and I'm thinking no I should notice all positives....?? and I can't find any reference to what is considered "low positive"...is the 11 a low positive that I had for the corn or is it like a WHOA off the charts....I can't even find a reference for it...Any insight anyone???
  2. I'm trying to see if there are some members here in Northern California around Sacramento or east of it. I haven't had much luck trying to find support groups or many people in the area with Celiac disease....
  3. I'm just curious how your weight loss has been...I'm now 7 days gluten free and have had sooooo much trouble losing weight my whole life i'm hoping this helps too (Gastro called me today and said biopsy was also positive) I'm very obese and hoping this will help a little....
  4. So I had the biopsy last week and they said they also biopsied my esophagus and stomach because they looked inflamed. The dr said afterwards that I had scalloping of the duodenum so to definately stop eating gluten. I didn't get to speak with the Dr. himself just his nurse and she couldn't answer my questions. I guess I'm trying to see if its possible to figure out from the results if I have had this my whole life or just since I had my daughter 2.5 years ago......?? Diffuse villous abnormalities, consistent with celiac disease. Mild chronic superficial gastritis, no H. pylori. Esophageal changes consistent with reflux (GERD) negative for Barretts intestinal metaplasia. (YEAH!!!) There is flattening of villi with crypt hyperplasia and chronic inflammation. Intraepithelial lymphocytes are increased. This pattern is most consistent with celiac sprue. In total they took 12 biopses.. I guess i'm wondering with the words "diffuse" and "chronic" if its possible to tell how bad the flattening of the villi was and maybe if this was a multiple years or just 2.5 years..... Gluten free for 1 week today!!!
  5. I've been reading too much! I'm waiting to see the gastro and have been reading about yeast because I have a neck rash going on 3 weeks now and the dermatologist examined a scraping of it and saw yeast in it. I also just treated a female yeast inf (sorry guys!) and am wondering now after everything could yeast cause the blood tests to be positive? I read a study on uncontrolled yeast causing celiac in succeptable ppl is possible but is it possible if the biopsy is negative that it could be just yeast even though the ttg and ema are specifically related to celiac? Am I making any sense here?
  6. I just had blood tests showing positive for Celiac disease and am awaiting an appointment with the gastroenterologist. Since I had my child (2.5 yo) I have not been able to lose any weight whatsoever no matter what diet plan (though hadn't tried gluten free before). Before I was told i had to continue eating gluten until my biopsy I gave it up for two days and had lost 4 pounds! I'm wondering if there are many out there who were obese and lost weight successfully after they went gluten free? I don't want to gain more weight like I see some people have done as I'm already way to overweight and have been since i was a child......... Also, if you have lost weight (and needed to!) after going gluten free...any advice??? Thanks!
  7. Celiac?

    Thanks for the link! I'm going to go gluten free, I feel like yuck since starting to eat it again and don't want to keep eating this way until my appointment but I will. (Though I was only off for 2days I can really tell from that how it makes me feel!)
  8. Celiac?

    Oh wow thanks for the info. My sister and her son are going to get tested also now but my dad who has anemia and diabetes said he'll do the bloodiest only...he's 70 so there's not much that will change his mind I'm afraid. Happy Easter to you all and thank you!
  9. Hi there I'm looking for some opinions here. I'm 34 had my first child 2.5 years ago and recently was tested for celiac. I'm now waiting to see a gastroenterologist. My results are as follows: tTG AB, IgA 18 (normal <4) Endomysial AB IgA positive Endomysial AB titer 1:20 (negative 1:5) IgA serum 185 (range 81-463) Since I was a child I've had constipation and as an adult go from constipation to diarrhea. Mild anemia, hypothyroid, low vitamin D. I've also been extremely overweight my whole life and though I've been able to lose some weight off and on, since having my baby girl I've tried EVERYTHING and can't seem to lose more than 6 pounds. My mom suggested I get tested when I was complaining of a skin rash around my neck that I got from being in the sun (last year it happened also and was told by a PA that it was a sun allergy that I never had before and it's so extremely itchy and looks like a cross of hives and ringworm. When I asked her to test me she said no you don't have that but then I convinced a doctor friend to order the test.). Anyway, it looks like I may have celiac? So I went gluten free for two days before the gastro office said not to change my eating until the appointment there so went back to eating it. In those two days I felt pretty good, my aches and pains were lessening I lost 4 pounds etc...so I'm wondering if I even need to go through the gastro appointment? Is a biopsy necessary to really confirm the diagnosis? Are my lab results possibly borderline or "mild"? I'm asking because I've read about people being positive but having fine biopsies and am just curious and also looking to educate myself more on the topic. I've also scheduled my daughter an appointment with her doctor as she is constipated a lot but she also doesn't like veggies and few fruits, and she is really slim. Her Dr has always attributed it to her being 1/2 Indian and my husband is so slim also but I wonder as she doesn't register on the growth chart but otherwise acts perfectly healthy. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated... Slightly confused Michelle