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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am keeping her diet the same for now until we have an answer. She has had to much weight loss to change it right now without clear answers. My doctor continues to brush my stomach issue off as IBS.(I am a believer that IBS is a bogus diagnosis for when they just don't know) If my daughter comes back positive for celiac then I will be insisting on further testing for myself. Being in limbo is a bummer!
  2. Cyclinglady, They have done a complete panel but we are waiting for results. We have several autoimmune disorders in the family..lupus, RA, hashimotos thyroid, reynauds phenomenon,, juvenile diabetes, etc. I am praying that her results will be negative but am hoping for some sort of explanation for all of this. I personally haven't had any testing done to rule out celiac disease. Just the blood work for food allergies. It was all negative. My doctor said to eliminate "wheat" for awhile and see what happens. I did and felt better after about a week but I am still in doubt that that is my issue. Right now she feels good so I will pray it stays that way.
  3. My daughter has had three episodes (each one worse than the previous) of rotten egg burps that have recently started smelling like feces and severe diarrhea(actually soiled herself while sleeping). She becomes very fatigued, back aches, joints hurt, dehydrated, and emotionally upset. It has gone from lasting 24 hrs to 5 days with the last episode. Once the diarrhea stops the burps stop. Then it's almost like it just builds up again and starts over a few weeks later. Took her to a specialist and he is testing for parasites and celiac. I was told by a homeopathic doctor that I have a wheat allergy. My PA ran blood work and it was negative but he said to listen to my gut and cut out wheat and see what happens. It felt better within a week. Is it possible she has an intolerance like me or is it possible she has celiac? Getting frustrated for her and concerned.