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  1. Hi Lisa Thank you for your prompt response. I have completed all the following tests...CBC,CMP, Total Serum IgA, tTG-IgA, tTG-IgG, EMA-IgA, DGP-IgA, DGP-IgG. Further I am vitamin B-12 and D deficient so we keep testing that every 6 months. The deficiency is quite common from my country of origin, so my doc was not too concerned about that. I have had 5 EGD's from 2005 to now and none of them showed this elongated villi. Not sure how this can happen suddenly. Anyhow, I will request my doc to do some further evaluation. My biopsy report does not say anything like March 2-3-4 or Celiac Intolerance etc...i would assume something should have been written if the diagnosis was confirmatory in nature. Thank you once again.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if someone can help me in interpreting my EGD biopsy results from 2 weeks ago. My doc just called me yesterday and has asked me to stay away from wheat, milk and related products. Quite honestly, I am a bit shocked. Feb 2014: Celiac Lab came back as negative in all categories but in my IBD expanded profile showed the ALCA was high with everything else in range. April 2014: Biopsy reads as follows "Duodenal mucosa including bulb mucosa with brunners glands, showing elongated villous architecture. There is a mild increase in the inter epithelial T Cells (CD3) in duodenal epithelium. Gastric Metaplasia not seen in duodenal epithelium". What does this mean? Is this a cause for concern? Do i need to go on a gluten free diet? I don't have ongoing symptoms on bloating etc... Looking forward to your valuable input.