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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. several posters report that even after going gluten free they are not recovering. I assume you tried many things and want to mention only two just in case you don't know about them. Align is a different kind of probiotic and is frequnetly recommended for rebuilding gut flora for people with IBS. Aparently Aligh has bacteria that resemble flora of newborns, the idea is to start from scretch. During my last flare up, I took it for a few weeks only, until the package run out and saw improvement within a week. L-Glutamine pills are another thing recommended for the same purpose. I took them for a few weeks as well. I did not see any immediate effects but overall the recovery with them was much faster than recovery when I did not use them.
  2. thanks for your response, NoGlutenCooties. You suggest that I might be confusing symptoms with versions. I hope I am not. You offer, at the end of the first paragraph, that bodies react differently to protein and that these are just different symptoms. But possibly this is not correct because cealic is an auto-immune reaction and it would stand to reason that such reaction should be a part of the version of the disease we have. There is also this thing: celieacs tend to have other auto-immune problems which, again, are not uniform. When I mention TONE of some posts, I am comparing that TONE to what I am used to from other forums about medical condition. there are forums where tone is very different, more supportive across the board, more open to nuances in understanding of their condition. I am not too satisfied with what medical professionals I can acess or those that are publicly availabe offer and I use on-line forums to educate myself about other possible ways of thinking about auto-immune problems. For this, individual experiences are invaluable. To answer, then, my questions which started this thread, based on what you all say, it would be a very stupid move to experiment with gluten. Thank you for helping me come to that conclusion.
  3. the last two posts ask me to provide validation, medical research that supports the claim that celiac comes in different forms. To me that claim seems obivous. No condition that has 300 possible symptoms can be one. We do need validation for how to make distinction between celiacs -- which is not there yet and which, of course, I cannot provide. In general, seeing celic as having different forms requries a philosophical change. and that philosophical change is slowly coming and includes reaserch on other auto-immune conditions. once basic mechanisms of auto-immunity are understood better, we can also expect that we will understand celiac symptoms better and that, consequencely, we will be able to separate different forms with scientific precission. what we posses at this very moment is our experience and that is what I was looking for in my original post, persons who migh have a remission of the symptom which made them seek diagnosis. other auto-immune condition have remission and it is not unreasonable to suppose that celiac may have it esp since most of my life it was in a state that I have to call latent. and further, to the best of my knowledge, triggers of celiac are not well understood either, which leaves at least a theoretical possibility of a reversal. And please notice that I am not using the word cure here and that I am not calling celaic a disease either, but a condition. Finally, thank you for responding to my post.
  4. You say that there are 300 different symptoms of celiac -- indeed. but not one person has all of them. We have some and then we also tend to have other auto-immune problems. Science is not there yet, able to precisely differentiate between these possible sub-groups. but we who live with celiac, who have experience of it, can speak about our individual symptoms and try to find some rules that apply to me and some others but not to ALL celiacs. You seem to think that there is ONE celiac -- that way of thinking is on its way out.
  5. I am new on this forum, but not new to participating in medical forums, however. This was my first post and I want to react to the TONE in some responses I got. I want thank those who showed concern and say how much I appriciate their good will. But, in a few posts, whose authors are identified as MODERATORS, tone is quite agressive and their agression is entirely unawarented. I don't want to talk about my feelings, however. My point is about the nature of the celiac condition. As other immune conditions, it comes in a wide variety. What is true for some celiacs is not true for others. And identifying subgroup to which your version belongs is very important, I'd say paramount. For one, it does matter what other auto-immune conditions you may have. It seem that few on this forum make such distinction. Medicine, U of Chicago for instance, too, lumps all celiacs together. That is no longer good science.
  6. when you have gluten issues, it is not enough to stop eating gluten. there are other things you need to do, including modifying your diet further, beyond not eating gluten. you have autoimmune issues and very strict diet is a part of healing. what diet would fit you, I cannot say. people usaully start with strick paleo and add. gut flora is the second thing you may want to think about. rebuilding it with good bacteria with probiotics. leaky gut is there, too. the point is that there might be few things that you may want to try. I, personally, would stay away from prilosec because of the side-effects and, as I understand it, it can help you only in the short run.
  7. many thanks to all who responded. I know why going back to gluten is a bad move. I was looking for people who possibly have different experience. They might exist, you know. Thank you very much for responding to my post. I am not sure that your third sentence is warented though. I am trying to figure out if there are people who had different than expected experience with gluten. and this site is one of the few places where such people might be reached.
  8. on probiotics: align may be the one you want to try first. read about infantis and you will see the logic. then, slowly you can introduce others. i assume that your dr put you on a steroid. steroids have serious side effects and some of your symptoms may be attributed to them.
  9. I am with Lisa and want to add casein as a possible cause of your tendon and joint problems. only when I went off dairy and nightshades, as well as gluten free of course, did I see improvement. good luck
  10. have you tried probiotics? combination of culturelle, bifidus, acidophilus, and align infantis helped me a lot.
  11. I was diagnosed with celiac 3 years ago. When I get gluttend I get horrible, three to four month long diarhea. Now, I've been doing well for about a year and am thinking of trying gluten. But before I make this possibly very stupid move, I wanted to ask for your experience. did anyone go back to gluten and was without symptoms or with minimal symptoms? thanks in advance.