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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does anyone here get canker sores when exposed to gluten infrequently? I had french onion soup at a diner maybe 10 days ago and it definitely had gluten in it. Definitely. I've had three canker sores since then. I am just wondering if anyone else gets them relatively easily. Before now I feel like they were much more sporadic never had them this frequently.
  2. I am going on vacation with about 30 other people. This is the second year in a row that they did this vacation, but the first time I am going. When they go everyone buys food and shares it in the house. I am worried that people will be touching my food with gluten on their hands. Should I be afraid of this? I don't know if I'm being overly cautious . I don't want to be a weirdo and tell people they have to wash their hands before they touch my food but I also don't want to get sick. I don't usually have this problem because I am not that social so I'm not used to sharing food with people.
  3. I absolutely have body odor from being glutened. I go without deodorant when possible and I distinctly remember one time an hour or so after being glutened being in a store and being mortified because I had that fight or flight smell just start. It makes my other bodily functions stink too, everything. It's disgusting and embarrassing but true.
  4. How are you now Iceland girl? My resolved in about a week. I had vertigo once before going gluten free and it lasted four weeks. It was awful. The doctor gave me head exercises to do, which cleared it up.
  5. The vertigo only lasted a little while. I have felt some dizziness, but not the spinning sensation since then. Now I am having edema, but only stage 2. Thanks for the replies! Eta- I was having a sharp pain in my ear. I always get ear pain from gluten, I can't even get a q-tip in my ear it hurts so bad. It is never usually a sharp pain though, so that took me by surprise.
  6. I used to have PMDD before going gluten free. Now I sometimes don't remember my period is coming until it starts. It absolutely can affect hormones.
  7. I have not had vertigo in years. Glutened myself on Monday, woke up today with vertigo. It's only bad when I move certain ways. If anyone else gets this, how long does it last for you? I feel like cursing I am really mad about this symptom I guess because it wasn't expected.
  8. Day 2

    I wish all of my responsibilities besides sleeping and going to the bathroom could disappear.
  9. I'm An Idiot

    I just wanted to vent. I have been gluten-free for about 3 years. I have tried gluten challenges but never make it past 2 weeks. So I figured I would try enterolab, since supposedly it is more sensitive. I ate gluten for the last 2 weeks of 2014, sent in my sample. Came back positive. So I have been more careful than before- just washing hands more and making my daughter wash more as well. Plus I am still having bladder pain from those 2 weeks, but it has been improving. So last night I stopped at the store on the way home from the gyno. The lower abdomen pain has been bad and I am getting it checked out just in case. Urologist found nothing, and the gyno is pretty sure that it's not an infection or organ trouble, but did ask about foods so I told her it started during the challenge. She thinks it is from the gluten. So as frequent readers may know I have a sweet tooth. I also stress eat,and took the stress of going to the gyno as a reason to stop for a candy bar. Got a Milky Way, because I figured it is just like a Snickers but not as bad because no peanuts. So I fell asleep at 830, just in the middle of reading my favorite gossip site. I woke up with carpal tunnel pain, texted my boyfriend to say it hurrrrt, but it was just because I fell asleep on it. Went back to sleep, had a nightmare that my house was attacking my family and me. (It was a very strange scary dream) I woke up with tightness in my chest and a cough...knew I was glutened. I am so mad at myself for assuming Milky Ways are gluten free. Oh yeah, as for my dream, I think my brain came up with a good metaphor for being glutened. Sorry for the babbling.
  10. Gluten Free Food

    Thanks everyone! I am a little bit teary because this site is such a blessing. When I first went gluten-free 3 years ago I found that dairy, peanut, soy, msg, and tree nuts made me sick. That is all pretty much better, though. I never eat actual corn, though. Maybe those crackers and cookies are made with corn, and I have difficulty digesting it. I will look for that and possibly xanthum gum. Thanks again!
  11. Gluten Free Food

    I am feeling better, for the most part. My vitamin levels are all good now, my thyroid is better. But if I have like 10 gluten-free crackers it hurts my belly. I will be bloated and it hurts my lower abdomen. I know that it is not just the fact that it's junk because I can eat a lot of sugar candy and it is fine.
  12. I am wondering if most people on here are fine with gluten free treats, cereals, etc. I get some symptoms from them, I think, though not as bad as gluten. It just makes me concerned that perhaps gluten isn't my problem if gluten-free foods make me feel unwell also.
  13. Which foods have sulfites? I tried to look it up before but I wasn't too successful.
  14. That is awesome Ken. I have been cutting down on meat a lot lately, but have fish a few times a week.
  15. My dad recently told me that contrary to popular belief, wood is best. Quick search I saw this http://health.ninemsn.com.au/whatsgoodforyou/theshow/694161/which-chopping-board-is-worse-for-spreading-germs