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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for the input! I'm going to hold off on the biocard test for a few weeks then, and in the meantime I will eat as much gluten as I can take. It's hard to know how much is enough! I'm on day 5 off adding it back to my diet and I don't feel the greatest:/
  2. I will probably do it that way… The test is pretty cheap 50$ I believe the accuracy is 93% so I'm not sure if it might just be better to wait and do testing through doctor.
  3. Yes, I guess you never know if home tests are as accurate. I'm in Canada and came across this test that is approved by Health Canada and I believe its the only one available. I still do plan to go to my own doctor as well. I guess I am just a little anxious and wanted to know right away rather than waiting for an appointment and then waiting for the test results as well.
  4. Thank you for the response! I would think that it takes a while to leave your system as well.. I just don't want a false negative. i'm going to stick it out as long as I can before doing the test.. I was planning to go to my Dr. for DX eventually, I just wanted to do the home test for quick results!
  5. I have had strange health issues for the last 4 years. Unexplained rashes, food reactions (sometimes I react to everything that I eat- my lips get a rash and swell up and my eyes puff up as well….but then it goes away and I can never figure out what triggered it. I'm always full of anxiety- I feel like I can barely breathe…so I can't sleep at night because I feel like my heart is racing. Apart from this I also have typical celiac gastro intestinal stomach symptoms and recently I find that my mind is just going crazy and I can't focus on anything. Does this even sound like celiac disease? My doctor gave me a requisition for the test a few years ago and I never did it. He said he really didn't think I had it so I never did the test. I have decided to get tested now but stopped eating gluten 13 days ago prior to making that decision. (and a couple times during this period i accidentally ate soy sauce and a salad dressing that contains gluten) but I was starting to feel so much better!!.. I really don't want to do a 4-12 week gluten challenge. I've decided to do the home test (Biocard) and if it is a positive I will see my family doctor for further testing. My question is.. how long does gluten actually stay in the system? After 13 days (almost) gluten free is it necessary to do the challenge? Does anyone have experience or insight into the Biocard test? I am on day 3 of eating gluten again and I can't take the anxiety that i'm feeling from (i believe) eating gluten. If anyone has any input regarding the home test or advice on whether my symptoms sound celiac induced I would greatly appreciate it:) Thanks