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  1. Yes, gluten is used as a binding agent so you can't be sure either way.
  2. Thank you both. Still some manufacturers still have no idea. I even printed a list of all gluten free meds. The meds that are gluten free are not helping my hereditary high BP
  3. I have had Celiac Disease for years and really starting having problems about 5 years ago. I take meds on a regular basis and I printed a list to take to my Dr. We tried to use other med but Bystolic is the only one that help with my BP and HR. Now I'm in a celiac crisis and don't know what to do. I'm so burn't out trying to stay healthy. I get violently sick for days and have to be admitted into the hospital. Does anyone have a suggestion about any meds that are close to Bystolic? I have been trying to use other BP meds and they cause me to swell. Thanks to anyone that has any suggestions. Elizabeth