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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for your replies. I'm going to wait a few more days and then ask what feedback our gp had had from hospital regarding results. Ultimately I want her referred and seen by a paed, for proper testing. She has been down again this weekend with diarrhoea, tiredness, clingy and complaining her body hurts. She isn't right at all. Will keep you updated x
  2. Thanks so much for your knowledgeable replies everyone!! Do you think they will want to do further testing on her in view of these bloods and her symptoms?
  3. I've got a copy and actually her Mcv is just within range but her b12 is very high (810, should be between 200-690) and mchc is high too?
  4. I haven't got a copy although can call and ask for one. I was told her IgA was 0.37 and should be higher than 0.4 and her IgM was 0.3 and should be higher than 0.5. I never heard the mcv, will call surgery now and ask for a copy x Thank you for replying!
  5. Hi all I'm new here please be kind! I'm looking for some advice please. I have 4 daughters, my 3rd daughter is displaying symptoms that I have been questioning for some time. She has 'always' had periods of toddler diarrhoea, or that's what it was our down to. These periods can last from a day or 2 to maybe a few weeks. When she is in this, she is v tired, clingy, emotional. Also incredibly hungry. To the point she would eat food out of the dogs bowl As it was intermittent I left it for a while although it's getting worse so have taken her to doctors and asked for coeliac testing. Her results are back and she has a low mcv (normal haemoglobin and ferritin though), low IgA and low IgM. Our gp has referred us to paed for advice but I wanted to know if anyone else thinks this sounds like coeliac. Gp says he is 'unsure of the significance' of these results . As a bit of background, I'm a type 1 diabetic and hypothyroid so have autoimmune things going on, and baby (8 months), is cow milk protein allergic and soya intolerant, but has also stopped putting weight on so possibly something else (I'm thinking maybe coeliac too?) Thanks for reading x