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  1. Haha, but mayo packets? I just go to the gas station, get a coke, walk by their hot dogs and stuff, and grab a few packs. Lol. But in seriousness, sams club. As for restaurant supply stores, you would have to find a restaurant food supply store, most restaurant supply stores are just equipment (a great place to get some good pots, pans, utinsels, etc!)
  2. How Far Will Ya Go?

    At this time, all I can say is that there is a door down the hall. Whether the door will open or not, time will tell.
  3. It's a running thing with the people in their 20's...post "doing it"....man: "make me a sandwich"....woman: "if you would 'do it' right, I wouldn't be able to move to make you a sandwich."....I guess I just showed my age there
  4. How Far Will Ya Go?

    You are close, but you may be looking at the wrong end of the scenario...
  5. Or maybe dinner was too good and he was too full from such a good dinner to move. (Kinda like women like to say "I shouldn't be able to get up and make a sandwich after we 'do it'."<-------and no I'm not saying I expect a sandwich.)
  6. I must not be in the loop....which means I'm probably too old for modern lingo (which is saying something cuz I'm it that old), but what is "KFG"?
  7. How about you try making them, and I will eat them for you?
  8. If you donated enough, I hope you managed to get it donated to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients. (Sorry, but that topic hits rather close to home right now)
  9. When Having Celiac Is Awesome

    I'm not looking at flying any time soon, I prefer to drive and enjoy the scenery. But I am NOT the type to "throw food away" at security. They would have to stand there and wait while I eat every bit of it before walking through the stupid sensors. (And as far as buying food after passing through TSA, I don't trust places in the airport to begin with, plus regular food is ridiculous, I would probably have to sells soul to get a crumb of something that is gluten free.) Speaking eating every bit of food before going through security, I went to 6 flags last summer and they said I couldn't bring my still sealed bottle of soda in with me (that way they could charge $10 for a 20oz bottle), I stood there blocking the line up and guzzled down 6-20oz bottles of soda and handed the empty bottles to "security" before walking though....not the smartest choice to guzzle 6 bottle of soda and then spend the day in the heat, but they let me bring the other 6 in with me.
  10. Fad Dieters

    You cheat on a test, you cheat at a game, you cheat on a real diet. But even though it's called a "gluten free diet" or "celiac diet" it's not a diet for us.....it's a medical treatment. Avoiding all gluten is "prescribed" by our doctors, the same way an inhaler is prescribed for someone with asthma/COPD, or a pace maker is "prescribed" for someone with chronic heart problems. Would someone ask a person with a pace maker "do you ever cheat and turn off/take out the pace maker?" (I used prescribed in quotes a because a doctor prescribes a treatment no matter what it is, but most people associate the word "prescribed" with a medication written on a piece of paper that is then exchanged for drugs at a pharmacy)
  11. Aldi's

    My Aldi can't have anything "back" because they just opened......and I love it! I don't care about having to bag my own groceries when I am slicing my grocery bill by 60%+!! (Actually I prefer bagging my own so chemicals, dry, fridge, and frozen aren't all in the same bag). But I am definitely looking forward to having the full line of their gluten free food in my local store! (And I'm gonna be putting the pressure on corporate to get it ASAP)
  12. How Far Will Ya Go?

    Next time you need to drive to Italy, just buy me a plane ticket to Croatia and I will be more than happy to be your chauffeur to and from Italy.
  13. So I don't have kids (and I will admit I skimmed through the other replies, so sorry if I'm repeating anything others have said), but anywho... As far as the classroom goes, I have seen a couple of really good ideas on here -one person said that the teacher had everyone in the class make placemats for snack time. The placemats were to teach respect for other people's personal bubbles and was a pretty good arts and crafts idea if you ask me (and had the added benefit of other kids not getting their gluten filled snack on your kid's gluten free snack). -another parent posted that they went to the store and bought a "treasure chest" for their child's special gluten free snacks. This treasure chest was kept in the classroom with snacks to be used when other parents brought in goodies (such as classroom holiday and birthday treats) for a class party. This was there was no worry about your child being left out of having a treat when little Johnny's mom brought in cupcakes for his birthday. As far as the kisses and such...first off, that should be years down the road. Secondly, and this is how I look at it as a single 25 year old, if the other person is not willing to either eat gluten free foods or brush their teeth before kissing to avoid me getting sick, then they aren't worth my time. That's blunt, but true. It may lead to minor heart breaks (like "my crush doesn't really like me"), but it avoids long term heart breaks (like "they were using me for money, sex, to make and ex jealous, etc.)
  14. When Having Celiac Is Awesome

    I'm not really concerned about it too much, I can throw legal threats around in most circumstances (such as a theater or con), the only time I would be worried about it would be if I were to fly.
  15. There is also the option of getting their customer comments number off their website or a bottle of their beer and calling them and asking. Or if you see a distributor at the gas station, grocery store, liquor store, etc you could ask them. In my experience they tend to have a good knowledge of what products they deliver are gluten free (and for legal reasons shouldn't be dumb enough to say it is if they aren't positive). I even had a distributor call a brewery directly for me when asking about a beer.