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  1. This may be purely anecdotal, but I'm wondering if there's a connection between progesterone levels and DH flare ups. Back story: For as long as I can remember, I've had a very irregular period. I've averaged about 3 cycles per year, but it's improving since going gluten free about 5 months ago. Over the past several years, I've tracked my cycles as a way to prove to my doctors that it was really that serious. Because of this, even being irregular, I now know when I'm about to "start." I've also noticed that my DH tends to flare really bad in the two weeks leading up to my period. Those last two weeks are when progesterone levels increase sharply. (Look up a chart of hormone levels during a cycle and you'll see what I mean.) I know I saw a post on this forum about the progesterone-DH connection. It wasn't very detailed though and my searches have turned up very little. So does anyone have any info about this? Is it really that significant, or is it all in my head?
  2. I'm brand new to gluten-free. Completely cleaned everything out of my house a couple days ago. I realize that the healing process takes time, but is it normal for the rash to flare up WAY worse than usual when you're first starting out?