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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've been gluten free for almost 3 months, but I'm still feeling pretty lousy. Just found out my vitamin D is quite low (level was 15; "normal" range starts at 30). I'm hoping that explains some of the lethargy etc. My most troublesome symptom continues to be my shortness of breath/inability to catch a breath/air hunger. I haven't been tested for any other vitamins/minerals & related deficiencies, but as Vitamin D is typically not correlated with SOB, I'm curious about other's experiences with deficiencies and wondering which are most common to Celiac. Thanks!
  2. Over 2 months gluten free. Definitely feeling better than before, but some days are just terrible, while others I feel almost back to normal. It seems that for 3-4 days I finally feel like myself again, yet i wake up the next morning and all my symptoms are back. Did anybody else go through something similar during their recovery process? Any idea why this happens?
  3. I'm a possible Celiac victim (no blood work before gluten-free). When I first removed Gluten, I felt AMAZING for a few days, but then regressed into my former symptoms. In the two months since, I've felt what I perceive to be a steady recovery, but without any jumps like that which occurred right off the bat. Is this immediate recovery followed by only gradual improvements a common experience?
  4. Yes, my iron is fine, and I take B12, Folic Acid and Iron (because my ferritin was on the low end of normal) just in case.
  5. Since eliminating gluten 2 months ago, all of my symptoms (dry hands, fatigue, painful urination, dehydration, trouble concentrating, apathy etc.) have gone away or improved significantly with the exception of shortness of breath. The severity has diminished a bit, and it varies day by day, but I have trouble taking deep breaths, and this often feels connected with my bloating. It is harder to breathe through my mouth than my nose. For anybody who experienced this, how long did it take to resolve your shortness of breath completely?
  6. I currently am taking digestive enzymes, probiotics, Vitamin D, iron, B12 and folic acid due to possible Celiac Disease (unfortunately I went gluten free before learning this). Curious what everyone else here takes, why and if it has helped! Thanks so much!
  7. Hi All, I am a teenager who, due to symptoms both gradual and immediate in onset, suspects celiac disease or NCGS (unfortunately, I didn't get the blood test before cutting gluten). I've been gluten free for 2 months, and I have seen a significant improvement in my symptoms, primarily energy (which has skyrocketed) and digestion (which has improved, but is still subpar). My most alarming symptom pre-elimination was shortness of breath, and that too has alleviated over the past months, yet is still a concern. I have a few questions I've developed over the past few months: 1. Is recovery from celiac disease or NCGS usually steady, or are there ups and downs? My experience has been one characterized by periods of significant improvement (almost back to normal), which only days later give way to a relapse back into my prior symptoms. The best example of this is my breathing, which varies significantly day to day. I'm very compulsive about managing CC, so I don't think that it a major factor, but it's certainly possible. (My diet is currently only fresh fruits, roasted veggies, and a variety of animal protein sources). 2. Regarding CC, I'm wondering about my family's convection oven. I'm the only gluten free member of the family, so my gluten free dishes (e.g. roasted vegetables) are often in the oven with gluten dishes (e.g. garlic bread). How concerned should I be about this? 3. Also, what is the deal with inhalation of gluten? If I'm talking with somebody who recently ingested gluten, should I worry if they breathe right onto my face? I would be so appreciative of your thoughts on any or all of the above. Thank you so much!
  8. I've been gluten free for nearly 2 months, but I never had the Celiac tests done before going off gluten. My GI doctor believes that I have celiac, and encourages me to take the gluten challenge, but I'm holding off because I really want to be recovered by the fall in time for fall sports. However, since some of my symptoms have yet to resolve themselves (almost everything except my energy levels, which have skyrocketed), I'm eager to get some indication of whether gluten is my problem. Would it make sense to eat a bagel or two one day and see how my body reacts. I would only do this once, under the assumption that such a small portion would only take a few days to recover from. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!
  9. I've been tested for anemia, asthma and the like. All negative =(. Yes, the problem is aggravated significantly when I'm up and moving.
  10. Thanks so much for replying! How long did it take in your case for the asthma to go away? Also, was the asthma an everyday thing or did it vary day-by-day?
  11. I'm a teenager who, for the past several months, has experienced a host of symptoms, among them constipation, unbeatable fatigue, an absence of appetite, and perhaps worst of all, labored breathing. My symptoms (particularly the digestive ones) led me to a GI doctor, who gave me a tentative diagnosis of Celiac (or gluten sensitivity--both are on the table until blood tests are done). I had been gluten free for about a month prior to seeing this doctor, and since then, my energy levels have skyrocketed and my digestion and appetite have improved (partially thanks to a Magnesium supp.), so I do believe that gluten has been doing me harm. However, I'm having trouble understanding why my breathing is still giving me trouble. Some days, my breathing feels absolutely fine, while others, I just can't catch a breath. These breathing patterns seem completely arbitrary and random, and I can't find any connection between the days I can breathe fine and those when I can't. I've had a complete pulmonary evaluation and nothing is inherently wrong with my respiratory system, so I've been forced to conclude it is related to my digestive problems. Here are my questions: 1. Is trouble breathing (that feeling that you can't catch a breath) often associated with gluten disorders? 2. If so, why won't it go away? Could it be that I haven't been gluten free long enough (~1 month)? If that's the case, why does it feel fine some days? 3. Could I be getting glutened without my knowing it? My biggest concern is my family's shared convection oven. Could that be it? I will add that I've been very precise with my diet, and I only really eat fruits, veggies and meat/chicken/turkey/fish. Also, I am a runner and was running about 9 miles per day before the symptoms flared up, so I'm no stranger to breathing properly when I'm asymptomatic! Thank you so so much for your help everyone. I just want to get back to "normal" (in all respects except diet, of course!).
  12. As of two months ago, both iron and thyroid were within normal ranges.
  13. Hi all, I am a teenager who has been experiencing digestive problems for years (bloating, constipation etc.), symptoms which recently have started to affect all aspects of my life. My breathing has become very labored at times, I am experiencing unexplainable fatigue, and worst yet, I am unable to participate in cross country and track, which are my passions. I've been looking for answers and stumbled upon Celiac Disease as a possible explanation. 3.5 weeks ago, I cut out gluten (along with diary, soy and egg) from my diet. Yesterday, I went in to get a blood test for gluten, but I'm worried my time off gluten might have trivialized the results. Even if I get a negative, might that just be because I haven't been eating gluten recently? Thanks everybody.