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  1. Update....celiac blood test was negative. I do not have numbers however. Last Sunday night I developed diverticulitis. I caught it early and have been able treat it with oral antibiotics. It's not fun tho. I'm back to doc Thursday for a follow up of my previous visit. At lease he might take my concerns very seriously now. I want a salad and I want it now!!!!!
  2. Ahh...was not sure that was allowed. It was dr. Curt Ray @ gastroenterology assoc of Augusta, ga.
  3. I visited a GI doc today for chronic constipation. Because of my history of low ferritin, low vit D, and osteopenia I enquired about a celiac test. He remembered doing a biopsy 3 years ago (he read my chart!) but he immediately agreed to a blood test saying that celiac can be "spotty" and easy to miss!!!! So glad I went in. My primary refused to do a celiac test because I don't have diarrhea. He also agreed to H Pylori test because I have a history of reflux and he did not take a sample during my tests 3 years ago. I love that guy. And he was wearing some kicka$$ boots too