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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Vegetarian Roll Call!

    Similarly, I've been vegetarian for 25+ years. A 2015 Nature study connecting emulsifiers with microbiome changes has me wondering about the processed foods that I ate in the past, and I wonder about the wisdom of eating as much seitan as I did. I mostly prefer my post-diagnosis diet since it forces me to consider every ingredient and to cook from scratch more.
  2. Can Food In My Garden Get Contaminated?

    Thank you both for confirming my belief. btw, I've never eaten banana skin, and barely have tolerated eating lemon or orange peels.
  3. I have a plot in a community garden. Today I inquired about the tall grass-like plants in my neighbor's plot: rye, I was told. My first reaction is to wonder whether my regular rinsing is enough for lettuce. Is there anything in truth to be concerned about with cereal grains swaying over my plot in the breeze? Or when they harvest?
  4. I was diagnosed with occipital neuralgia several years ago, before celiac disease diagnosis. Symptoms that led to that diagnosis included constant migraines for a decade. The doctor said that it was due to osteoarthritis at C2-C3 on the spine. I had radiofrequency neurotomy several years ago to disable the third occipital nerves but was told that they would come back after a year or two. Post-diagnosis of celiac disease, I have had only three migraines, all traceable to accidental glutening, plus occasional stabbing neck pain when it's cold and humid out. The gluten-free diet certainly feels like it reduces flareups of ON.
  5. I'm Cold!?

    Until my diagnosis in October 2013, I was always warm, wearing shorts when it was above 25 F outside. Last winter, I was colder than I had ever been and the only changes were a gluten-free diet and aging. This fall I'm starting to get cold at 30 F! This summer is the first one that I haven't been absolutely miserable during the summer, and it was the hottest summer I've experienced in Seattle. Does recovery include having a more 'normal' experience of the weather?
  6. Stumbling Over Words When Glutened?

    I certainly experience this combination of symptoms when glutened, as well as stumbling over words, phrasing, pronunciation. All very frustrating! The saving grace is that I now know that I have celiac disease; before, I thought I was losing intelligence daily.
  7. Celiac And Arthritis

    A diagnosis of osteoarthritis in my neck was made a few years ago, providing a physical cause for decades of crippling migraines. My celiac diagnosis came 2 years after the arthritis diagnosis and I imagine the celiac-related digestive problems contributed to the arthritis development.
  8. That gives me hope as I have had difficulty retrieving memories and words over the past few years. 8 months post-diagnosis and I don't stumble over words like I did a year ago, but memory issues seem to linger and it's quite annoying.
  9. Safe Dry Legumes?

    I haven't tried any of these suggestions, but I will certainly search for them. Thanks!
  10. Safe Dry Legumes?

    That looks interesting, I'll try it soon. I went ovo-lacto vegetarian 25 years ago; 7 months on celiac diet. I've had dairy on occasion since diagnosis but it wreaks havoc on me when I do, so I'm now also gluten-free ovo vegetarian.
  11. How To Determine Hla-Dq* ?

    This is great information, particularly table 3 you referenced. That helped me understand that my DQ type is DQ2.5 since I have a T on s2187668.
  12. How To Determine Hla-Dq* ?

    Nice that they covered it for you, I'll have to ask at my next doctor visit unless I decide that my 23andme snp data is sufficient for me.
  13. Safe Dry Legumes?

    I have not but I will try one or two this spring. Have you tried any that you can recommend?
  14. Safe Dry Legumes?

    Shortly after my diagnosis I found an argument for only purchasing certified gluten-free beans (http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/Gluten-Free-Grains/fl/Gluten-Free-Beans.htm) and it seemed like a reasonable goal. Since I'm still settling in to the reality of celiac disease, I'd rather eliminate as much uncertainty as possible.
  15. Safe Dry Legumes?

    Thank you for this suggestion, this is the kind of place I've been looking for.