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  1. Yes I had a positve for DH. I know there is no magic bullet. I am just trying anything I can to speed up the process. I know getting your gut in balance is a big key. Thanks for all the replies so far. I just didn't know if anyone had any detox or oils or anything to help expidite the whole thing.
  2. Colleen, I had a biopsy done the last time I had a bad breakout. It came back 100% as gluten reaction. Like I said, no GI issues, just the rash as far as I know. I am just trying to get it out of my system so that I do not have to stay on a steroid. I would prefer to not have skin flare ups every few days without it. My doctor did not feel I needed any further testing. He did want to put me on Dapsone but I refuse to take it.
  3. Hey everyone. Just wanted to say I am new here but I appreciate all the information everyone contributes. I was recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I do not have any of the digestive issues that come along with it but I get a terrible rash (DH) primarily on my knees, elbows, buttocks and now face and upper back. I have been trying to detox and strictly watching what I eat. I have been eating nothing but fruits, veggies, lean meat and drinking water like mad the last month and a half now. The only thing that seems to keep my skin under control is if I take a corticosteroid. If I stop taking it, within a few days I start to get the rash again. Does anyone know of a good detox to help balance the gut and flush gluten? I am currently on a probiotic, fish oil, drinking apple cider vinegar and eating sauerkraut by the forkfull. Thanks in advance for any advice and help. In good health!