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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks Ruth, yes I am staying on gluten until I can see who the RA doc's will be sending me to for a second look. I will request the full blood work at that time, I just hope its not months from now that I can get an appt
  2. Hi, So, my testing is not going well (or going well, depending how you look at it lol). I've had a colonoscpy, endoscopy and celiac blood work (although the GI doc only ran one blood test): ....all negative. I am staying on a gluten diet, despite my symptoms, as my Rheumatologist may want to send me to another GI for a second opinion. Continuing Symptoms: - insomnia- most night I can't get to sleep until 1-4 am - morning fatigue, even on night where I can fall asleep around midnight and get 7 hours sleep, I'm a zombie until 2-3 pm, then I wake up and feel more normal - BM's- not regular, foul smelling, sticky, sometimes yellow. Yesterday was almost grey like and looks like clay! ewww - swollen eyelids in the morning, sometimes with hives - headaches, occasional migraine with flashing lights when I close my eyes - gas, bloating, cramping- although this doesn't always happen Before I started my testing, I was gluten free for a long time, with the occasional cheat meal. Then I got really sick....constant diarrhea for like 8 weeks, going to the bathroom 12-15 times a day. I was totally drained, lost about 20 lbs. During that 8 weeks, prior to testing, I was only able to eat rice and oatmeal. I did a three week gluten challenge before my endoscopy. But when the blood test was done, I was more or less Gluten free. I am starting to think that wasn't enough of a gluten challenge? Hopefully my RA doc will have a good plan, I am not sure how long I can continue eating gluten, but I really do want answers
  3. Thanks again Nicole! Will keep you posted for sure!!!!!
  4. Thanks Nicole! I had my endoscopy this past Thursday, I didn't have it at the same time as the colonoscopy because I had to do a Gluten Challenge. So I did that for 3 weeks and then went in for the endoscopy. The only thing is, at the time when I had the above blood test, I was more or less Gluten free for about 8 weeks (and gluten free with cheat days before that). During the 8 weeks prior to the blood test (and colonscopy), I had such bad diarrhea, that I was only eating oatmeal, rice, steamed veggies and occasionally chicken. Would a gluten free diet affect the blood test? I'm waiting for my rheumatologist to call me today to see if I should continue the gluten challenge and if they want to send me to one of their docs (in the hospital) for a second opinion. Thanks for all your help! You always respond to my posts with such valuable info! If there was "most helpful group member" award, you'd have my vote
  5. Hi, I am waiting my endoscopy results but requested the blood test results that was taken when I was in for my colonoscopy. I just received these in the Mail and I have no idea what is means. All is says is: ANTI-TRANS AB results= 1.8 Reference= < 10 U/ml Site= GDL I have no idea what this means and can't find much info via google. Is this even bloodwork results? Or is that the results from the biopsies taken during my colonoscopy?? Hoping for some insight Thanks!!
  6. Hi, wondering what I can expect in terms of recovery from edpndoscopy. It's scheduled for this Thursday, will I be well enough to work from home Friday?
  7. On week 3 of my gluten challenge. I hate it. Pre challenge I had severe diarrhea, like didn't work for 2 months cause I was so sick and couldn't eat anything. But I was eating a wheat free diet with cheat days. Now during the gluten challenge, I'm constipated....kind of. Some days I don't go at all and other days I go small amounts several times a day. I feel full all the time, but necessarily bloated. My BM's are stinky, stinky (sorry) and sticky as well ( sorry again) ....using lots of tp. Sometime stool is golden colour. My blood test was neg. but I'm trying to get a copy of the results to see what tests were done. I've also developed severe insomnia, need to take OTC meds to sleep before 4 am. Last week I had a couple of migraines. Do these symptoms sound familiar to others who have done a gluten challenge? My rheumatologist wants to send me to their docs for a second opinion, so I'm working on getting that referral. So I think I'll have to continue eating gluten until I see the second doc:(
  8. Hi All, I am just over one week into my gluten challenge....Gastroscopy is scheduled for June 12th. I think my body is in overload or something. I'm very surprised the Big D has not come back (I went through 8 weeks of the Big D, lost 20-25 lbs, could only eat oatmeal and rice....everything else- even fruits and veggies- kept me in the bathroom 10-15 times a day...all of this started my testing for celiac and other digestive diseases....so far, bloodwork for celiac is negative). Since I started eating gluten again, I have developed these symptoms: - irritable, especially right after eating gluten - tunnel vision when I stand up - headaches, daily - last 4 nights, it takes me an hour or more to fall asleep, then I wake an hour later, totally wide awake.....usually wake up another 3 time or so through out the night. - very difficult to get out of bed in the morning.....no brainer there lol - and of course the usual...crampy, gassy, bloating I am wondering if all of these have been experienced by others while they were eating gluten. June 12th cannot come soon enough! Thanks for your answers
  9. Hi, I also have cold urticaria. I am 33 and currently waiting for a gastroscopy for celiac diagnosis. I started having problems with wheat about 6 years ago. Around the same time I developed cold urticaria. Mine can also be severe 10 degree (50 f) can cause hives, itching, bright red, burning fingers. I can swim in any lakes, or pools, unless they are heated to 90 degrees or so. I have also started wondering if this is related to my gluten/wheat problem. I'm starting to think it is.
  10. Thanks Ruth! You've given me something to think about for sure!!
  11. Thanks IrishHeart, my blood work was negative. But I was also relatively gluten free at the time (not fully cause I thought I just had a wheat sensitivity), and just went through 8 weeks for chronic diarrhea (like 15 times a day) and only able to eat rice, boiled chicken, steam veg, and oatmeal. I was on short term disability for 8 weeks....and basically slept or was in the bathroom. I lost about 20 lbs in 2 months. It just came on very suddenly, but I had a history ongoing issues. I already had a colonoscopy done, and there was nothing abnormal in that. When I went back for my follow up with the GI, I really thought he was going to dismiss me and say its IBS. He did say "this sounds like IBS", but he did book me for a gastroscopy to be sure. So he's not totally dismissive. I had another appt. with my RA docs yesterday, and they are awesome, so they have already said we will get to the bottom of this if this GI doc doesn't find anything. So that is a relief. I have had problems with wheat (maybe Gluten?) since 2008, also when I developed the cold allergy (total pain, I can't even go swimming), unexplained anemia for 10+ years, heacheaches, migraines, bloating, cramping...the list goes on. I finally hit the point now where I need a diagnosis and need every option fully explored. Especially after being so sick in March and April, I just need to get to the bottom of this. I know they the avg. celiac patient takes 10 years to get diagnosed, is that even with colonoscopies and endoscopies....docs still have a hard time confirming damage? Feeling a little deflated at this point....seems like this will be a long road
  12. I am in the midst of doing a Gluten Challenge myself, in hopes of getting a proper diagnosis. I am eating one meal a day that contains gluten (equivalent of 1-2 slices of bread), and then I have a Gastroscopy booked for June 12. Unfortunately, its the only way to get a diagnosis. Which I think is important to really understand what is going on with your body.
  13. Hi All, Week one of my gluten challenge and I'm having some symptoms I did not expect. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I wanted to run by the group here: - terrible sleeps. Can't stay asleep, wake up like 4 time night, can't fall back asleep. Hot, tossing turning. - rheumatoid arthritis is flaring, I have been in remission for 2 years, with NO RA symptoms, so this is very worrisome for. - bruising very easily - I do have unexplained anemia, but the bruising seems to be worse lately - headaches are increasing- I can see this is going to become a daily thing Also what is the general opinion of how long you should be doing a gluten challenge for accurate text results? My gastroscopy is June 12, so I still have a way to go. My current GI think celiac is unlikely. So I saw my RA doc yesterday and they will line up a second opinion specialist if needed.
  14. Hi, I know certain types of rashes can be a symptom of celiac. But has anyone experienced Cold Urticaria- allergy to cold temperatures. This problem started for me around the same I started having problems with wheat. I never thought they could be related.