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  1. I know this is weird and probably unhealthy for a whole host of reasons, but I have an addiction to eating newsprint. I take a newspaper, cut off the ink-less margins and eat those. What makes it worse is that I work for a printing company and we can have all the waste copies (copies that the registration wasn't right) that we want. So it's like being a smoker and having free cigarettes around all the time. I am trying to quit, and I know it's called pica and everything and I don't really need any advice regarding the habit. What I really need to know is if there is gluten in the newsprint? I have looked on google and haven't found anything close to a definitive answer. I know some paper products are glued to the roll with gluten containing glue, but I know first hand that the end of the roll never gets anywhere near the press (they sell the "butt rolls" to people for gardening mulch, kids to color on, etc) so no newspaper copies will come in contact with said glue.