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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for the link, I like that she included pictures of the gluten-free food! .... But I am looking for information specifically on Seaworld which is not a Disney resort. I was hoping someone had eaten at Seaworld before. Stephanie
  2. We are going to Disney next week and will also be visiting Seaworld. We wanted to either do the Breakfast with Elmo or eat lunch at the Shark Grill. Has anyone every eaten at either place? I called the 800# about the breakfast and the lady just said they would have food for my sons to eat but she couldnt tell me what. I was just wondering if anyone had ever eaten there? I have heard nothing but great things about disney but never anything about Seaworld! Thanks for your help! Stephanie
  3. Eating At Ihop

    I like that!
  4. Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks have Gluten Free on their label now so we have tried them a few times in the last month. My son seems to have a reaction to them though. Same with Trix, which are supposed to be ok. Could he be reacting to the food coloring? No reaction with Fruity Pebbles or the Walmart brand of fruit snacks. Anyone else have this problem? Stephanie
  5. Yes the baby (i guess really a toddler) is a boy too. When he was right at a year he got a new teacher at daycare and she fed him gluten. After a month or so I started seeing the same signs I had seen with my older son so I had a confrence at school with his teacher, the director and the cook. The teacher didnt understand that flour was from wheat!!!! I was going to keep him gluten free till 2. But oh well.... probably wouldnt have made a difference. It is what it is. stef.
  6. Hi Sue I just had to tell you... my husband is Jeff too! lol. That is so funny. My children are the only two celiacs. And the oldest boy (4 1/2) is the only one that has been tested. The baby showed terrible gluten signs with very little gluten so that was that. I didnt want to put him through the testiing. My husband and I have not been tested and neither have symptoms. I think my father in law and sister in law show signs but they have not been tested either. We stay in the north part of North Myrtle. Up near Cherry Grove. It a very quiet part of myrtle. Thats good to know that Cheeseburger does to go also. That is always handy. Eating out with a 2 year old (21 months actually) is stressful enough without having to ask 50 questions about food prep. Its just too much!!! stef.
  7. I did look up Cheeseburger in Paradise and I think that will be great. Also, we have never been there! My little Celiacs are 4 and 2 so I think the mini cheeseburgers will be great. At that age they like different and small. I dont know if we are going to do Dixie Stampede cause of the cost more than the food. Its expensive! Last year we ate at Margaritaville and I had called ahead and made sure the burger was ok. When they brought it out the waiter also brought out a gluten free menu (with buns for the burgers and all) that they were getting ready to start. Like I posted though, they dont have it this year. Guess it didnt work out. I will look up the bonefish and see where it is. We have never eaten there. We are actually staying in North Myrtle. We have a condo with a kitchen so we will probably eat in more than out. Thanks for the help. I feel better knowing I have a few nights of not cooking! lol stef.
  8. A friend told me about making plain cupcakes and getting lots of toppings and letting the kids do the decorating themselves. I have a 4 yr old so he will love doing that. Also, I just went to a party that had a cupcake cake. It had 12 cupcakes all together and the icing put on so it looked like a cake. But no cutting.... everyone just pulled out a cupcake. It was very neat! stef.
  9. Thanks for posting this! I am going to Myrtle next week and this would be great for the kids. Did you let them know ahead of time about needing a gluten free meal? Or did you tell them when you got there and bought the tickets? Did you eat out anywhere else while you were there? stef.
  10. Myrtle Beach

    Did you go to Myrtle Beach? Eat out anywhere? We are going next week. Last year when we went to margaritaville they had a gluten free menu but I called to make sure they still had it and they dont. stef.
  11. Myrtle Beach

    Did you go to Myrtle Beach? Eat out anywhere? We are going next week. Last year when we went to margaritaville they had a gluten free menu but I called to make sure they still had it and they dont. stef.
  12. I actually got the idea from a parent in my son's class. She was going to bring in cupcakes for her twins in a mickey mouse theme and wanted my son to have something of the same look. She called me with the ingredients in the icing and the store was happy to do it. So my son had the same looking cupcake as the rest of the class. Store bought cupcakes are mostly icing anyway with the decoration on top. Stephanie
  13. We buy Erewhon cereal that is just like rice krispies. They have a few different kinds, all made with brown rice. Some are sweetened with berries and some are just plain. I like the plain ones. Stephanie
  14. I really feel for you!!! Sincerely! I have enough trouble with gluten but if I had to deal with peanut allergy I would freak Do you keep an epi pen with you or with him? I would have one stored everywhere!!! I actually gave my 13mth old his first peanut butter today and watched him like a hawk. Food is driving me crazy too. www.Lame Advertisement/kylepnut That is a link to a guy who does allergy songs for kids. Very cute. Good Luck! Stephanie