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  1. I am a father of 3. My oldest eats from a feeding tube. In November 2013 my (then) 3 yr old began to vomit after every meal and went from horrible constipation to horrible diarrhea accompanied by diaper rash. Over the next month sge lost weight and was diagnosed with failure to thrive for the 3rd time in her short life. Diet was changed to triple the calories and more than quadruple the amount of food taken in during each feeding. She was on antibiotics in the hospital and initially showed weight gain. When discharged we weren't home for five minutes when the vomiting began. After almost every meal she puked every drop of formula up. We returned to the doctor who simply told us to feed her exactly as she said to feed her and she will gain weight showing no concerns for her vomiting. One month later she was diagnosed with failure to thrive again. The next day was the worst day of my life... my local sheriff's office showed up at my door and took my two youngest children from me physically removing my 16 day old son from my arms. Our doctor that we trusted and went to with our concerns expecting sound advice had gone to the authorities claiming we were starving our oldest daughter. Having never listened to our concerns when we tried to tell her that her body was starving her and going to kill her if she didn't change something. We have been locked in a battle to get our babies back since january 27th (the oldest was taken from the hospital by dfcs) we can only afford public defenders (who seem to not want to get anything done) we need help. It occured to us this week that celiac runs in my wife's family. After many tests and her removal from us the problem still persists. She will be tested for celiac this coming week. Her foster parents are baffled as to why with the problems still occurring we still dont have our children and so are we any suggestions?