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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Testing Our Tiny 3 Year Old

    Oh, I see you are referring to the IgG test. That was one our doctor suggested and he said it would detect "slower acting allergies". I was pushing for a celiac test myself based on the irritability and slow growth (and anemia) being that the irritability subsided when off gluten and dairy. If we rule out celiac, I would explore other things like a milk intolerance or something.
  2. Testing Our Tiny 3 Year Old

    You guys have given me a lot to work with. I found a page on the u of chicago site saying they recommend 12 weeks of daily gluten (and now the 4-6 weeks posted above) so I am thinking we should hold off on any testing. I may consider genetic testing just to possibly rule out celiac, but if it's positive it doesn't seem like it is worthwhile (thoughts?) especially being that we don't have endless money for testing. As far as the food log works, is celiac generally a slower reaction? I am not writing it down yet, but I am not noticing any clear patter, just an overall pattern when we were off gluten and dairy for about 3 months compared to being back on both. She had been screaming hours per day, then it dropped down to maybe 1 screaming fit a week after a month or two on the diet, then back to almost every day (sometimes many times a day) back on gluten and dairy. However, there isn't any pattern within hours of eating it that I have noticed. Thanks again for the info, this helps a lot.
  3. Testing Our Tiny 3 Year Old

    Let me add, she was only gluten free starting in January. I'm not sure when exactly we stopped, but I would guess she was off it for 3 months. Before that time, we had more of a gluten-heavy diet. Would that affect the testing? Doesn't it take a while of gluten-free eating for those levels to fall? I'm googling, but I found this: http://drrodneyford.com/faq/bloods-tests/gluten-blood-tests.html
  4. Testing Our Tiny 3 Year Old

    Stephanie, you bring up a good point. She has been off the gluten free diet for maybe 6-8 weeks, but we still are eating gluten free bread, pasta, and cereal at home. He just had had gluten containing foods when out. It isn't even every day. As for the allergy tests, he wanted to do IgG tests. I would doubt she has any sort of immediate allergy, but I haven't thrown out the idea that it could be something else as she did have some bad days while gluten free that seemed to come out of nowhere. (And while we only drink almond milk and sometimes soy, she had some cow's milk the other day and said her mouth itched afterwards). Green beanies, thank you! I'll have to look into what test he was going to run. Would this test be accurate if she has only had gluten at this lower level recently? And it is so hard. My husband feels so bad feeding her gluten when that could be causing distress, but I think it would be important to know if it is gluten and if it is, to what extent. But I do sort of want her back to how she was before. It's tough with her having so many screaming fits. So, should we spend the next month feeding her lots of gluten and postponing the test until then?
  5. I have a 3 year old daughter. From very early, she was fussy, had a hard time eating and gaining weight and would just scream for hours. I was breastfeeding and tried going gluten free myself for a month, but gave up when she seemed fussy still. I thought she would outgrow the behavior issues, but even after she turned 3, she would spend hours a day screaming, and even when she wasn't screaming, she seemed agitated. We finally tried going gluten and dairy free (we tried various other methods and this far were told she was just small). After about 6-8 weeks, the tantrums were almost down to nothing. We thought it might have been a coincidence, so started feeding her gluten and dairy again, and the tantrums have been returning. In addition to that, she is only 26lbs at over 3.5yrs. She was 15lbs at a year and it took her over a year to double her birth weight and over 3 years to triple. She also was found to be anemic. We gave her iron supplements for 2 months and retested and her anemia was worse, but not linked to iron deficiency (normocytic), she does not have blood in her stool and her stool is generally solid. The plan is, we are taking he in for blood tests again to test for food allergies and celiac. She has never had issues with diarrhea or vomiting, I am going on a hunch, though,being that she seemed so much better while we were off gluten and dairy. Does this sound like celiac? Is there anything I need to know before diving into more testing? Thank you!