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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So, I just started back on the birthcontrol. I'm on microgestin 20. I'm pretty sure it's casin I react to not lactose, but there's small amounts of lactose in my synthroid and I'm ok with that. Anyway, I've been a mess this week since I started it again. Hotflashes, mood swings, super dry mouth, bloating, anxiety. If I'm not on it, I have terrible debilitating ovulation pain. The bc makes some things better and somethings worse. Sigh. Any suggestions.
  2. There is apparently small amounts of lactose in my synthroid, and I seem to be ok with that. But the probiotics my Dr gave me had milk and bothered me.
  3. Yeah, I was going to give them a call tommorrow. Im only 1 month gluten-free so I've been dairy free as well. I was just curious if anyone has ever had issues with birth control. Unfortunately I need it for medical reasons.
  4. Anyone who is gluten and dairy free ever have an issue with microgestin or loestrin birth control. I think it should be gluten free but I'm worried about the lactose. I was on it before going gluten free, but stopped right before.
  5. Hahaha! I so need my own poop song. I'm sure I'll be getting some strange looks. Lol!
  6. I find it highly amusing how excited I get when I wake up in the morning and have a normal bm. Some days I feel like I'm reverted back to the age of 2 when going potty is a BIG deal and warrants a sticker. Thoughts?
  7. Penseys is good. They have a shop in summit nj I've been to. But definatly check them out. My favorite is Sunny Paris. I love it on veggies and eggs.
  8. http://www.glutenfreedrugs.com I've been going to this sight. They keep a list of known safe drugs that they update frequently. Of course I would still check labels or talk to the pharmacist. Things change all the time.
  9. I took dicyclomine for a while before going gluten free. This was before I started expecting gluten. It didn't harm me, but it didn't help either. It's supposed to calm a spastic colon. Dr's prescribe it for ibs. It may help if your cramping or constipated. Just make sure it's gluten free.
  10. Thanks all for the thoughts and advice. I'm going back to see my gyno tommorrow, and I'm gonna ask if they could run the rest of the tests as they have their own lab. One of my symptoms were hormonal. My periods got very light, and would come every few weeks sporadically. With it I got pain in my left overy that wrapped around my back and down my legs. Like a knife stabing me. They found 3 small fibroids, but could figure out the cause. Now I'm thinking it could all be related. Like I said, generally I've seen improvement. It's just those bad days that get me.
  11. Ttg Iga was 1 out of a range of 1-4 being negative. Then they ran immunoglobulin A which I'm guessing was a total iga maybe? That was 339 out of a range of 81-463. I was also on a gluten light diet, starting a few weeks before the test. We do have rules in my house. My so is great with washing, and only keeps gluten in a separate cabinet below everything else. Separate bowls and everything. We only make gluten free meals. It is actually my so's neice. She literally will only eat pizza, chicken nuggets, and pancakes. Oh and junk food. She hasn't had much of a stable life, and she literally won't eat anything else.
  12. Kareng, I haven't really been eating that differently. I've always been a pretty health eater. Like I said, I have good days and bad days. Today was just a bad day. Lol. My neice was over this weekend. She's 13 and basically eats nothing but gluten. I may have gotten cc somehow. My house is mostly gluten free. And I did get glutened last week. That wasn't fun. It could be soy too. I was diagnosed hypothyroid 12 years ago.
  13. Thanks all. Beth, I've been completely dairy free as well as gluten free. I've made a few mistakes as well. My Dr only ran the ttg Iga and total iga. At this point I'm not willing to go back on gluten. I get so sick on just little bits. I'm pretty sure your right about it being celiac, just cause I have other auto immune, family history of auto immune. My Dr just won't diagnose me with a marsh 1 endoscopy and symptoms alone. Lol.
  14. I think the part I'm most confused about is the fact that my Dr says I don't have celiac, just an intolerance. I'm treating this as I do since all of the results I stated above. If it's just intolerance, would it still take time? Just curious of your ideas. I probably will start a food journal. Dr's just haven't been any help. They are too quick to just push you through.
  15. I think I just need a little bit of encouragement from those that understand where I'm coming from. Quick update, I haven't been officially diagnosed with celiac, but my Dr has agreed I have at the least an intolerance due to my reactions. My ttg Iga tests came back negative. I showed signs of marsh 1 on my endoscopy. Positive DNA test. And a definite reaction to gluten. Basically I've had cronic D, completely messed up female hormones, headaches, joint pain. Anyway, I'm 1 month gluten free/ dairy free and generally I have good days and bad days. I'll have a week of no D and feeling good. And then days like today where I'm in the bathroom every 20 mins. I've been extremely careful, but I feel like every moment of my day all I think about is food. Sorry Just venting. So my question is if this just an intolerance does it still take time? Maybe I'm just expecting to much to soon.