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  1. Jimmy Dean sausage is marked as being gluten free so I just used some of it.
  2. I have had them clean the slicer in the past, but was still a little uncertain about it. Publix (and maybe other stores) now have online ordering and I can place my order the evening before I need it and in the instructions tell them that my son has celiac and ask them to slice first thing in the morning while the slicer is still sanitized. This has eased my mind that I am not cross-contaminating my son.
  3. We have used the Udi's gluten free crust and made our own pizza. You can find Papa John's pizza sauce recipe on the web and add your own toppings. We really enjoy that. My son also tried the Freschetta gluten free pizza and said it was good.
  4. I have called Unilever on several items. They tell me that any gluten is clearly marked on their labels, but while an item may not contain gluten, none of their products are made in a completely gluten-free facility. They state they do a very good job of cleaning equipment, but if you are especially sensitive to cross-contamination, you might want to be careful with anything made by Unilever.