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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone getting IBS/diarrhea even after being strictly gluten-free? Even bananas cause me to go to the loo in emergency yet I need them because of their nutrients.
  2. Yep, but it seems like even fruits cause me diarrhea these days. I do feel better as I am gluten-free, but it seems like I get IBS from everything except some veggies, rice, potatoes and chicken or seafood. So I guess I have to cut even dairy and most fruits. could that be a result of the Celiac damage? I guess I have to stick to a pollo-peschetarian diet with less fruits?
  3. Hello, I am self-diagnosed Celiac as I definitely feel better when gluten-free and I had all the symptoms of Celiac: - Fatigue - Muscle and joint pain - Stomach cramps - Anxiety - Depression - Malabsorbtion - My fingers became crooked (arthritis?) - Thyroid issues - Diarrhea/Constipation However even after going fully gluten-free I sometimes get diarrhea. It's really strange as sometimes I react and other times I do not. Symptoms come and go as they wish. I believe in New Age stuff and binaural beats really do work in curing some health issues but I should know which ones to use as listening to too many has diminishing effect. However I don't want any doctor to mess with my body and I don't want to have a My Gluten blood tests always come negative. Although I am gluten-free now I get diary very often, especially when drinking lots of milk or eating too much apples for example. I felt bloated while fully gluten-free and eating apples. Could that be Fructose Malabsorption? Can it be as dangerous as Celiac, e.g. can FM cause autoimmune things or is that only Celiac? But if I have it why I do not react to smaller amounts of fruits, e.g. an apple or two a day? I also don't react to berries, I seem to have problem mostly with oranges, apples, apricots, plums, and pears in large quantities. In small quantities I have no problem usually. Sometimes I get problems with eating too many peanuts as I get an itch after going to WC (sorry about that) but I am not allergic to them. Could my problems be Gluten Intolerance + Candida? I no longer want to see any doctor as their 'treatments' made me sicker than my own treatments and therapies, so please give me some advice from your personal experience. I guess I am totally suitable for a Paleo diet with eating only berries as fruits? I am certain a vegan or vegetarian living is not for me as I lost 30 kilos on a vegan, raw food diet in just a few months, I became almost anorexic, so my body is omnivore. I've discovered that I thrive best on seafood, chicken, berries and veggies. Thanks!
  4. You know what, I no longer find processed or grainy food that tasty. I ordered takeaway Subway smoothies only to find out it was 'enriched' with sugar and whatnot bottled kind and it tasted like spoiled fruits and milk or something. Later that day I made my own smoothie from fresh fruits and pure milk and the smell and taste was so refreshing, so natural it was surreal. It reminded me of when I would go to my grandparent's farm as a kid and would eat fresh raspberries from the bush. I think the main reason we rely so much on ready-made food is we are too busy to prepare everything. But a food processor or at least a blender helps a lot imo, they save time and you can make almost everything (I had to smash the fruits by hand in a cup and shake them in a plastic bottle with the milk so with a blender I could do an even tastier smoothie) I've come to the point that I no longer find breads and baked goods that tasty, even though I found gluten-free ones that are tasty and smooth just like the glutenous varieties. And though I've never been that much of a bread eater, I used to love pasta and cookies but now pasta feels like nothing to me and the moment I put anything sweet in my mouth my love for sweet things disappears. But when I go to the shop I have to buy them, it's based on habit I guess. Sometimes when I get the sweet tooth I wonder what can be a safe and healthy substitute of sugar, but so far I haven't found anything that is not controversial, even Stevia has cons.
  5. Yeah, I've heard "Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself" many times but I hate cooking, especially baking and making so that's why I decided to go with farmer's market food only. Actually I might like cooking but with the help of a food processor. Right now I don't have one. For me it's also a process and a weird one. I am starting to believe that some food issues are caused by emotions and by the mind, e.g. I had terrible allergic reactions to some things that I've never ever had problems with, but now I can eat them. Yet I am afraid and I avoid them. It's strange for allergies to appear for the first time after going gluten-free only to disappear again after a while. And I think actually avoiding supermarkets will be good for my health as I always buy something useless (latest purchase - banana-flavored yogurt, some processed gluten-free crackers). When I am bombarded by choice I cannot stop spending. I am a grocery store shopaholic and a junk food addict, so going into a supermarket is like going to a bar when you have problem with drinking for me.
  6. Rice is good, but not too much as I can get constipated if I overeat on it. Here in the Netherlands rice pasta is hard to find as most varieties have also maize. I believe now that pasta and such should be like a once-a-month treat or only on spacial occasions. In fact I feel like my organism loves and organic, no-frills diet of potatoes, seafood, chicken and veggies. I think the Celiac caused my gut to have very little tolerance to chocolate, sugar, most processed and flavored foods. I better stick to organic produce. On a positive note, it's better for me as I will start avoiding grocery stores ( always end up buying something junky) and go to open markets instead. Organic is not as expensive as people think. I can buy 1 kg of apples and some bananas for the same money as two packs of chips. I am still undecided on dairy as sometimes I get no reaction and other times I do. I think I tolerate white (feta-like) cheeses the most, followed by organic yogurt and yellow cheeses. The more I avoid gluten and processed foods, the bette I tolerate dairy. So yep, a Paleo-like, but not full Paleo diet works best for me. I guess my gut is mad at me for the years of eating junk food in high school and uni and now needs a rest so I will munch on the last gluten-free crackers I have and go completely processed food and grain-free (save for rice). Are there people that feel bad even on gluten-free foods and feel better with whole foods?
  7. As much as I love the taste of baked goods, do you think they should be avoided even on gluten-free diet? Once I went back to gluten-free toasts, pasta (all we have ere is corn-based!) and heavy meals like kapsalon (like a duner without the bread) I have trouble with digestion and sometimes my heart races. I found that I do best on lean meat, fish, chicken, rice, potatoes, fruits and veggies. Would you go as far as to quit all processed foods, even your gluten-free treats, fat meat like pork? I'm starting to think that just because something is gluten-free does not mean it is healthy. I guess I have to kiss gluten-free pizzas and pastas good-buy, probably my Celiac did so much things to my gut that I should better stick to the aforementioned diet.
  8. Hard to digest is an understatement in fact. I had a full-blown immune allergic reaction aka anaphylaxis. Strangely enough I didn't react to eggs in gluten-free cakes and cooked peppers, only to raw peppers and to the eggs in mayonnaise. And I've never had any allegies as a kid. I guess when you have a leaky gut as a result of years of Celiac, it's easy for whole, raw food particles to enter the blood stream. It is strange how many websites suggest to stick to raw veggies if you have leaky gut, which can be dangerous. That's why I no longer read websites on health and stuff. I don't know what caused it and I hope to never experince that again, but I was so afraid, I felt like I might start to react to any food.
  9. After a gluten challenge my anxiety and depression came back so I'm sure I'm celiac. I haven't changed anything in my diet or habits. I just need to avoid raw pepper and mayonnaise when going gluten-free because of the resulting leaky gut. Here is my history 2000: First, mild signs of Celiac 2002: Depression 2004: Anxiety 2013: Thyroid issues 2014 Jan-March: gluten-free, depression and anxiety went away. First time I felt great since 2001! 2014 April-May: Leaky gut-induced allergic reactions to raw pepper and mayonaise. 2014 June-August: Gluten challenge, depression slowly returned 2014 Sept: gluten-free again
  10. They say raw foods are perfectly healthy but I guess that's not true for some celiacs. First time I went gluten-free I felt great, but as my gut was still not fully recovered in the second or third month I started reacting seriously to raw food like pepper and the eggs in mayonaise. I didn't react to eggs in baked gluten-free cakes, nor to cooked peppers though. So I guess some gluten-free people should avoid some raw foods for a while as they may irritate the gut or enter the blood stream. Especially if you don't chew your food enough like me. Anyone agree?
  11. After I went gluten-free the first time I had Anaphylaxis a few times. I reacted to eggs, mayonaise, bell pepper etc. I also had low stomach acidity and very few bowel movements (some days I almost got none!). I had difficulties going to the toilet. Is that Leaky Gut or MCAS? I am planning on going gluten-free again, but I'm afraid. This time I will cut all foods I reacted to before but I want to know what is it. Living in a place where most doctors don't believe Celiac and Leaky gut exist I have to be my own medic.
  12. I really hope it's not MCAS but Leaky Gut. Can Leaky Gut cause MCAS-like symptoms like Anaphylaxis (IgE reaction)? I guess if the gut is leaky one can react to many foods once the main culprit (Gluten) is excluded from the diet, no?
  13. I had two negative Gluten tests. My thorough food allergy test says I react to gluten, wheat, eggs, corn, oats (light), beans (slight) but NOT to soy, peanuts, seafood and rye (?!). Any similar strange results? How could I tolerate rye yet react to gluten? I tried the gluten challenge and my symptoms are back but I'm afraid of going gluten-free again as I had allergic shocks (MCAS or Leaky Gut?). It doesn't help that most doctors here in Eastern Europe don't know that MCAS exists. Most of them haven't heard of Celiac either. Should I ask for an allergy pen or pack with Allegra?
  14. Thanks to OP now I know why although most of my symptoms improved after going gluten-free I had very bad allergic reactions after having some mayonaisee and eggs and why I sometimes feel bad after having refined sugars. Thank you, IrishHeart! However I want to ask if one can get those symptoms by Leaky Gut after going gluten-free? Leaky Gut vs MCAS? As of now it's still self Dx because doctors here in Eatsern Europe don't know what MCAS is at all. Any suggestions on how to avoid future flares apart from avoiding the thriggering foods?
  15. Well in fact I've had some mood swings even while being totally gluten-free, so I guess it's something else and not gluten that causes it. Maltodextrin or intolerance to some other junk substances found in processed foods I guess? In fact gluten-free junk food like cookies or gluten-free bread also made my mood crash pretty fast. I felt best when I only ate poultry, fruits and vegetables. But I have junk food (mostly floor-based) cravings I cannot overcome. And I'm always feeling hungry and malnutritioned when I have no bread. My skin looks pale and anaemic and I decided to stop all the supplements I was taking as they were too many (Selenium, Zinc, Kelp, Magnesium, etc.) and taking so many is bad for the liver. I need a break from all them.