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  1. It Seems Impossible

    Hi Jessica, I'm sorry you are dealing with so much. That is a lot all at once. I found it impossible to lose weight for years. All the baby weight I gained when I was pregnant would not come off, I couldn't get it off no matter what I tried. I went to half a dozen Dr's and they all told me to forget it because I had "hypoglycemia". I finally tried the Atkins diet...which would have been nearly gluten free by default. I lost a lot of weight fast. After being diagnosed with Celiac I wondered if that was why I couldn't lose weight. It looks like the inability to lose weight is a pretty common complaint with this. Now that you know you have to be gluten free I would try being low carb on top of that. It would help to regulate your blood sugar too. I don't know how big a hurdle the steroids will be but hopefully you can find a way to get through it. They say "fail fast and change" with diets. That's the only way I ever figured this out. I dieted and exercised for 6 months without ever losing a single pound. I kept changing my diet and workout program every 2 - 3 weeks. Finally tried Atkins and the pounds started melting off. Varying your calories will also help to keep you from hitting the dreaded plateaus. If you eat 1200 calories a day, your body quickly adjusts to that and will stop losing. Try 800 one day and 1400 the next (or whatever your numbers should be), just keep your totals under your weekly goal and you should lose and should avoid long stalls.
  2. Hi Karen! You were posting at the same time I was. Yes, he's been wonderful. With the holidays I hadn't had time to check into the forum. We are still trying to figure out how to make a totally gluten free house work with this many people. We need to come up with some good alternatives for some of their favorites before we can totally make the switch.
  3. I hadn't shared with him what you guys said, that advice was for me. He never said anyone was paranoid. I was saying that we Celiacs might seem paranoid for those who don't understand. Just a few months before I was diagnosed, I was taking a co-worker and a couple of other people out to lunch and one of the guys said he was "gluten intolerant". I didn't really know what that meant and asked him if he could eat at a specific restaurant. I feel bad now, I should have just asked him to choose somewhere. It really just took his hearing it in the right format, he's been completely supportive and is looking forward to the next meeting. He really is wonderful and has been very accommodating in most respects, he just had a hard time understanding that such TINY amounts really were a problem. I think that it probably seemed a little extremist until they explained the difference between an autoimmune disorder and an allergy. When we left he decided that we and our 5 kids all need to eat gluten free in order to keep me safe. I think that's pretty sweet. It is still hard for me to accept how sensitive it is sometimes and I'm the one getting sick!! We are trying to get all of the gluten out of our house, we are slowly finding alternative products and replacing stuff with gluten free versions. Funny, I've also told friends that gluten is my Kryptonite. I really like "Gluten is kryptonite to me..and Supergirl can't fly when it's around." We need that on a shirt!!
  4. Glad to hear you had a good day!! It sounds like your friends did too. Sounds like a happy ending!! I had to laugh at this "Shes like isn't that where u go to the bathroom after you eat bread?" I couldn't help but think it's a little more like trying to safely eat in a sewer without getting sick but ok. lol
  5. I've had a really hard time finding gluten free sushi. It seems like the cross contamination risk is pretty high. Kona Grill does a great job with that but they are the only place in town I've found and they only have a few choices of rolls, luckily they are delicious. I've called every sushi place in town and haven't found any others I've felt comfortable with. I tried one that said they had gluten free sushi and they seemed to be pretty knowledgeable about which rolls were gluten free or what subsitutions could be made to make them gluten free. I got VERY sick there. I was newly diagnosed and didn't ask how they prepare the food but I'm guessing they weren't knowledgeable about cross contamination. I called another sushi place in town that said they had gluten free options but when I asked about prep they said they simply "turn the cutting boards and bamboo mats over" when they are preparing gluten free sushi!! Aack!! I've been thinking about learning to make it at home. We love sushi but for now, I don't feel safe eating anywhere but Kona.
  6. Struggling With Being Left Out

    I think it's probably pretty normal to feel that way. I had a business lunch this week, there were 7 of us and me making a scene trying to order and make sure everything was safe for me to eat. It didn't feel terribly appropriate sitting there with 3 of our companies VP's but I don't really have any choice. We were at a meeting this morning hosted by our local Celiac support group and one of the women was pretty upset about not being able to eat out without making a scene, she just wanted to go somewhere that they understood without having to be educated. I suggested we all go out as a group sometime. I think it would be great to go out with other Celiacs and not feel like such an alien. When you are always the exception it's easy to feel alone. I don't know if you have a Celiac support group in your area but if you do, that might be an option.
  7. I had to post an update. Today we went to that Gluten Free 101 meeting put on by one of our local Celiac support groups. BF had a chance to ask questions and then talked to a number of people after the presentation. When we left he said "Our house is not safe for you". He's decided that we need to take the whole house gluten free. He started asking about options for gluten free bread that the little kids wouldn't turn their noses up at and if we could find gluten free mac and cheese for them. He was lecturing me because he didn't think I was being careful enough. Somehow hearing it all in one place like that seemed to resonate with him more than the bits of information I'd been giving him here and there. I think probably when we're busy and rushing around it's not the best time to throw all of that info at him. Now he did compare Celiac to AIDS after hearing about the autoimmune response to gluten, lol. At least he gets how serious it is now even if he's a little off. He really enjoyed it and asked about future meetings, he said he definitely wants to go to more of them. Unfortunately, we missed last months meeting on dining out. I think that would have been a good one too. I'm excited about living in a gluten free house!! No more separate "butter" or peanut butter etc. I rarely eat out of the open containers after the first time because I have a hard time trusting that no one messed up and accidentally used the wrong one. I think that was a good format to communicate the information. I'm guessing that if they are only hearing it from us we might sound a little paranoid. I thought the update might help for others who are living in a house with people who don't understand this.
  8. How Do You Work With This?

    Lol!! I always say if they didn't intend for me to eat the cookie dough, they wouldn't make it!!
  9. I have DH and have never really had noteworthy digestive symptoms. Since the diagnosis I've developed a lactose intolerance and IBS, that changes things but gluten doesn't seem to bother my stomach. I can only think of a couple of occasions where I've had bloating and stomach pains after eating it. My symptoms have always been more neurological and inflammatory. I never connected them to food, things like horrible sinus infections that would last for a month at a time, reoccurring strep throat, allergic rhinitis, running into things, falling down, vision problems, neck pain, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, ADHD, reoccurring pink eye that ended up being an allergic reaction, exhaustion and so on. The list is pretty long but that's a start. I've had pretty severe neck pain over the years that made sleeping difficult but it wasn't until well after the diagnosis that I realized that was happening after I'd been glutened. If you're not very symptomatic to begin with you could get simple joint pain or watery eyes or what seems like a cold. You might want to be alert to other types of aches and pains, your symptoms might not be digestive. Just a thought....
  10. There's a Mellow Mushroom near me and they have gluten free pizza AND Daiya dairy free cheese, yummy!! My kids love it too!! If you have one near you it is very good pizza! http://mellowmushroom.com/locations
  11. Oh, that's funny. I just looked up Au Bon Pain, I hadn't heard of them. There are two near me, one is at the airport and the other is at a hospital. lol Karen's right, every restaurant has that disclaimer. I always call ahead to ask about their process and to see if they understand allergies. You can usually get a pretty good idea as to whether or not you want to eat somewhere based on that call. Some really get it and some really don't. If you talk to half a dozen people and only one of them is even aware they have a gluten free menu, you might want to pass. If you ask if they have a gluten free menu and they respond "We have gluten free soy sauce" you might want to pass. I asked a sushi restaurant about their process for avoiding cross contamination and they said they "flip the cutting boards and bamboo matts over". I called a pizza place and they were very clear that there was flour everywhere and that it was not safe for Celiacs to eat there.
  12. LOL, right!! I just found these: http://www.cafepress.com/mf/76761862/glutenfreeology_tank-top?productId=796565299 Maybe for those days when you feel like scaring your gluten eating friends into worrying you will invite them out for a meal. user001, I have eaten at Red Robin a number of times with no problem. They are very allergy aware and do a great job. They have an allergen menu on their site that you can use to avoid a number of different allergens in case you are avoiding more than just gluten. For me, I put in gluten and dairy and it shows me what is safe. I haven't tried Outback yet but have heard good things.
  13. I'm pretty new to all of this and I haven't run across a situation like that yet but I did laugh when I read your post. It sounds like they reacted as if you just asked them to dine at your local hospital. I don't really get it but I think this is pretty foreign to a lot of people. Are there some reviews of this place you can share with them? Maybe the menu? They might be picturing tofu burgers and rice smoothies?
  14. Make Up

    The only drug store lines that I've been able to find that seemed to be gluten free were Wet n Wild and Physicians Formula. You'd have to search to be sure nothing has changed etc. When I looked, it looked like they only product Wet n Wild sold that had gluten in it was their Mega Plump mascara. I do use their lip glosses.
  15. We use a lot of the Weber spices if you have those. They are labeled gluten free and are very good!