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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I second gluten-free lover's suggestion to test for parathyroid. High calcium levels are significantly more dangerous then high-cholesterol, although there is much less awareness about it! http://blog.parathyroid.com/high-blood-calcium-risks/ One thing you should for sure do is drink half a gallon of water daily to help prevent kidney stones from developing.
  2. I purchased fresh fillets straight from the ocean, salted them, and fried them very low heat for a long time in oil. I did freeze them before leaving but I think next time I won't bother as you're right freezing really does affect the flavor. I'm guessing if they're well cooked they should last around 8 hours. Add a bit of lime juice on them to be safe before leaving, the acid will help protect it from going bad. I will post again next time with update on how many hours I went before eating it, I can't remember for sure but I'll try to check that next time. I dipped the fish in my lactose-free Ranch dip and it was good. I specified to customs officer that the fish I was declaring was just for my lunch and that way he knew that I wasn't bringing in a large quantity. He didn't even ask to look at it or anything. I believe the Food Regulations of the customs website I cited earlier is indeed current and updated - so good to know, as traveling gluten-free is always such a headache for me. The website says fish can be fresh, frozen, smoked, canned, or cooked.
  3. Ok I am not a veteran, because I was diagnosed with Celiacs only two years ago. But I do want to share my story. Summarized version is that I was having severe pain even with following the gluten free diet the first year, pain with everything I ate and even when I wouldn't eat. Went to Cleveland Clinic and dumped thousands of dollars into doctors who gave me drugs that didn't work. And painkillers were a joke for me. I was incredibly frustrated because I thought the CC was one of the best clinics in the US. At my wits end, knowing that drugs weren't going to cut it, I started going the natural route. A friend recommended me to check out www.karenhurd.com who does phone consultations. She is a nutritionist in Wisconsin. Her methods and diet are very extreme but SO effective(likely because they are extreme). Honestly I went into it so dubious, thinking that this was going to be another highly acclaimed "fix" that wouldn't work. But I was desperate so I tried it, and six months later I started seeing results (it does take awhile, but it's so worth it). She's had incredible success stories from clients with arthritis and body pain like you have as well. Now a year later I am completely pain free in my gut with following her diet - NOTHING else worked for me, I also tried GAPS and SCD diets. You owe it to your health to check her out - in fact if after looking around on her website and you are interested in considering it you can pm me your address I will send you her book of testimonials for free so you can read more about it and see if it feels right for you. It's called And They Said It Wasn't Possible. Initial consultation is like $95 and then after that it's only $44 so it really isn't that terribly expensive. One of the things she does for body aches/pain is frequent intake of soluble fiber (beans, psyllium husk, etc) to reduce inflammation, but you need to accompany that with her other suggestions. Here's wishing you all the best!
  4. Hey guys, I just wanted to check back in with you and let you know that I was able to take well-cooked fried fish fillets through customs with absolutely no problems. Very tickled that worked out, as the way it turned out I wouldn't have had enough time on my layover to stop at a restaurant anyways. Also, cyclinglady, I flew with Delta and they didn't have any gluten free meals available.
  5. Thanks to all for your great ideas!!! I think I will try several different things and just hope I'm left with at least something after going through security. I want to try the fish, eggs, and beans at the very least. If I have to trash everything I will just buy snacks or something there. Also cyclinglady, thanks a million for letting me know about PF Chang's, as it's very likely I will be flying through Atlanta later. It's so reassuring to hear from another Celiac person that you've had a good experience somewhere instead of just reading on the internet that it's gluten-free and feeling like I might be about to gamble my health. Also good to know about Delta possibly offering gluten-free stuff. When you say in case they botch it do you mean that they might not have it available all the time or that they might say its gluten-free but it might not actually be safe? Thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond, really appreciate it.
  6. Hey guys, I'm going to be flying from El Salvador to Fort Lauderale and have about an 8 hr layover there in FLL before my next two flights. Do you have any ideas of proteins I can take that would pass customs? Is jerky really the only thing that is allowed? Hardboiled eggs? I'm still underweight from Celiacs and really badly need a lot of protein, I know I could eat it on my first flight but not really have anything to eat after immigration. I'd rather not have to spend on a taxi taking me to a restaurant close to the airport with a gluten-free menu. But might have to resort to that. This website here says that I can bring cooked fish, but I'm not sure how current/updated this site is. https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/82/~/travelers-bringing-food-into-the-u.s.-for-personal-use Has anyone ever tried bringing cooked fish? On a sidenote, have you had any experience with the salads that are for sale in the airports that come in little black boxes with clear lids? These should be ok to consume even if they aren't labeled gluten free and didn't have any special handling? I currently cannot eat fruit unfortunately. Thanks y'all!
  7. Thank you all for your responses and help. I am new to this forum and really appreciate your input. She feels that the countries that are the most closed are the ones most in need not just spiritually but also for humanitarian aid, but I know she is weighing the decision carefully and will keep thinking about it for a year or two before deciding for sure what to do. Even if she goes to a different country in Asia not currently under persecution, it could be that in 30-50 yrs as mentioned before it could become a country with restricted religious freedoms even if it isn't now, and she obviously wouldn't just want to up and leave later after investing many years there and starting a ministry. Where I live in Central America, the change over in government from right-wing to a communist leader as President happened in less than 10 years, but it's not at the point yet where there isn't religious freedom. Thanks again for your kindness and time.
  8. She is going as a missionary to share her faith. No, it's not at all certain that she would be imprisoned, but just wondered what she should do in that scenario. I'm just concerned, not saying that it will actually happen... Anyway, even if it would happen I'm sure it wouldn't happen right away, but does seem like a possibility in the next 30 - 50 yrs. Hopefully not though. Sorry, I know it's a weird question... From what I've read you die more slowly from Celiacs then starvation so I would say she should eat it and hope to get out ASAP then not to eat it but maybe I'm not thinking straight. Possibly they have soups as well that they serve that would have less gluten in them... Thanks for your response. -esgal
  9. Hello friends, Someone I know is in the future going to be living in a Communist country and there is a possibility that she will be persecuted for her faith if it is discovered that she is a Christian. Since she has diagnosed Celiacs, if she is imprisoned, should she really choose starvation over eating bread(quite likely containing gluten)? Won't she live longer eating the bread even though it will mess up her gut? I assume the diet is mainly bread and water. I know this is a hard question but thanks for any help. -esgal