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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Help - Sick At Work All The Time

    I am sorry that I posted and ran. It's been a rough week all around. I've eaten both with others and alone. No one uses my desk when I am not around, but the guy on the other side of my cube eats gluten all day long. I've never suspected him of causing my problems, though, and he doesn't come around my way much. I've made it a point to not put my food items in the common refrigerator. And I don't drink the water - I bring my own. There's something there. There HAS to be. While I do think Chad is right in that I get anxious, I do go out with my spouse all the time (not necessarily to eat - just out. Today we took our motorcycle to Blue Licks State Park and to a few covered bridges across the river in Kentucky). I didn't get sick. I shop, I walk my rotties, I go out. I admit I am somewhat of an introvert so I interact only with the people I am in the habit of interacting with, but I don't get sick. I wish I could figure this out. I am very careful when I am not at home. I don't even use the microwave at work (or at home, now that I think about it). I wash my hands and bring all my own stuff, even napkins. I just don't get it. And while I did consider the makeup, which I usually only wear to work, I also wear it if I am going to the doctor, or at times when my husband and I go out on a date to eat or not eat, and I don't get sick. Maybe it is another source like mold or a cleaner. How would I narrow that down? Chad, you are correct. I was diagnosed April 27 and went gluten free a few days later. It took me a few days of research before I fully understood what gluten free meant. I've not intentionally consumed gluten since then.
  2. My work is really lenient. I work four ten hour days, two of them at home. Just today I requested a third day and it was granted, so I only have to go in now for one ten hour day a week. My problem is, every single day I go into work, I get sick. It always happens about 1-2 hours after lunch and it doesn't matter what I eat. I admit I do eat out for lunch with a few of my friends. We checked out places that were careful about gluten and that's where we go. Every time we go I get sick. BUT, if I eat at those same restaurants when I am NOT at work, I am fine. My husband and I eat out frequently and we are very careful about what we order and how we talk to the server, and I've only gotten sick once. I think there is something in my office. There has to be. When I am working from home, or even on the weekends, as long as I am careful about what I eat (even out), I don't get sick. For the past eight weeks, every time I enter my office, I get some sort of nasty sick shortly after I eat. Today I brought my own salad to eat, stuff I grew in my own garden, on my own dishes that don't make me sick, with my own dressing. I brought all my own drinks, too, so that I had zero gluten contamination. Sure enough, an hour later I was running to the not-very-private ladies room with horrific diarrhea. The same happened last week. I took that week before that off, then the week before I puked all over myself. It goes on and on. I've been gluten free since late April this year. At first I was fine at work, then slowly this started to happen. At first intermittent, and now every time. Is it the soap? Can air quality do this (I work for government, so not a bakery or something). I didn't use any lotions, disinfectants, hand creams or anything at all. I didn't even drink from the water fountain today, yet here I am at home tonight, debating whether I want to even try to eat dinner after the horrible big D I had in the office today. What is this and why is it happening? It takes me three days each time to get over one day in the office.
  3. Correct Diagnosis?

    My diagnosis was based on the same. My celiac panel was most definitely positive, and that with the rash and my symptoms was enough for my doctor to diagnose me as celiac. He didn't think I needed the expense and trauma and time for the biopsy. He's a good doctor and I really like him. If he thinks this is what it is, I'm going with it. I definitely believed him when several of my symptoms went away. I'm still fighting the horrible rash and I am still having other issues, but the big D that I used to have just about every day is rare now, and the bloating went down and the headaches went away.
  4. Pepcid And Thiamcinolone

    Good thing I don't like oatmeal! I did know it was bad for me to eat, long before I got diagnosed. I never liked it. I have a coffee grinder that is used only for the bird food I grind, but I never thought about the dust. I guess I'll be getting masks and doing a lot of hand washing. I only grind once a month and I always wash my hands after feeding or touching them, even if I never touch a crumb of their food. I rescued them both none years ago and they have five year lifespans, so somehow I'll figure it out so they can live out their lives with the people they know and love. Right now I have Neutrogena shampoo and conditioner and a Garnier leave in. My hair hasn't been cut in well over a year and it was long and curly and a mess before I got the DH rash. I haven't had it cut since. I don't even know what to do with it anymore and until the rash clears up some, I don't really care. I can't use a blow dryer or flat iron or anything with heat, so a ponytail it is. My only issue with that is sometimes the weight of my hair (it's really thick!) pulls on my open wounds, and that hurts and is irritating. I do call or google products I am not sure about - the problem is, it seems EVERY product is questionable and it takes a while to figure all that out. I'm learning this. There is SO MUCH to learn! I can switch the dogs to gluten free, but I think the older dog already is. She has a sensitive belly. Most times I just make her rice and chicken on my own - it helps her tolerate her medications better with less stinky gas! The puppy in my pic, I'll have to check the package. I think both dogs are getting baths tomorrow. I really appreciate all your talk and your links. There is so much to learn about gluten free. Except in the summer, I cook almost every meal at home but when it's warm here my husband likes to take out the motorcycle, so we end up eating out a lot more. Not so much this summer because I've been sick, but we did take that trip and he wants to do a final summer one this coming weekend. We camp, so stopping at a local store and getting plain meat to grill is definitely possible and I can pack small snacks to eat for breakfast. I am so bloated that I really don't eat more than twice a day. For anyone else that might be following this thread for its original content: as long as I remember to take the pepcid (I got the Walgreens generic brand which is gluten free) and I use the steroid, it's not so fire ant-like and it's mostly tolerable. I just want it to go away!
  5. Pepcid And Thiamcinolone

    I rechecked all my meds today and I think the vitamin D I was prescribed DOES contain gluten, or at least I know it's used in the factory. So I ditched that. I'll get an OTC one if I have to. I did read the newbie info but at the time it was so overwhelming. I will read it again! I checked all shampoos and makeup, but then it's really hard to tell what's okay and what's not. Now that I am more adjusted to this lifestyle, I'll have to go back and look again and read websites. The husband and I took a trip this summer, and I didn't get sick or glutened once. He stopped only at local places and at off times, where we could talk to the server and the cook if we had to. I guess that made me lazy about eating out. Even my head rash was behaving at the time. We were planning on taking a long weekend somewhere, so I think I'll take your advice and pack some snacks, and we can cook on our own, too. I never even thought about the utensil drawer. The fridge has been scrubbed. DH doesn't usually drink beer, but he does eat gluten. Just not in our house. He works swing shift, and sometimes packs muffins or granola. I'm usually asleep when he gets home, though, so no kissing. I did talk to him tonight when he called and he said we just need to make the house completely (human) gluten free. He was kind of feeling sorry for me when I had to leave work early yesterday because I puked all over myself. Is there gluten in dog and cat food? Not that I am eating that, but I do have to prepare cat food for certain birds in my house, that requires grinding and mixing, and I do have a dog and a cat. Can the dogs gluten me?
  6. Pepcid And Thiamcinolone

    I'm not noticing any healing, but I haven't had any new blister things since last week, The constant raging fire has died down a bit and tends to only get riled up if I am hot or I exert myself, so that's good. However, I think I am getting cross contaminated somehow. Either that, or I am developing some other intolerance. For a few months the bloated belly went down and I had more energy. Then I got seriously glutened (about ten days ago) and while most of those symptoms have gone away, I am back to looking nine months pregnant, and I am vomiting daily, sometimes several times a day. I think I am going to have to do the elimination diet. At least that should be good for healing my rash.
  7. Pepcid And Thiamcinolone

    I don't think I can take Dapsone. I am allergic to sulfur. Isn't it sulfur based?
  8. Pepcid And Thiamcinolone

    Oh,and the puppy WILL be a beast. He's not at all fully grown and he's 110 pounds. We are guessing at least 130, probably 140. He loves to run and hike and swim. He was in the Ohio River last weekend, just swimming around and having a good old time, even after a good hike and playing with the niece and nephew. He swam and swam, chasing after the balls the littles were throwing into the water for him. I was a little worried, but my husband was prepared to jump in and grab him if he ran into trouble.
  9. Pepcid And Thiamcinolone

    I'm not going to try to figure it out. I am not going to try to figure it out. Repeat. I promise. I said that because normally, a burning insanely itchy part on one side usually follows withing hours on the other. And that was at 3pm today and I still haven't felt it. I try so hard not to be stressed. It's just my husband and I and out menagerie of pets, and my job is super and one that I really like. My husband is sweet and low key. I try not to stress about anything because I did notice. I noticed that if I got upset, my whole head would suddenly start flaming and NOTHING would calm it down. I think I got stressed several weeks ago and that's what made it so horrible that I couldn't stand it. Then I'd walk around downtown in the heat, and OMG I wanted to chop off my head! The part that makes me happy is that my doctor believed me. He didn't think the rash looked so bad when my diagnosis was confirmed in April, and he didn't think it looked so bad on Wednesday when I went in and insisted he help me. But he heard me, and he did what he could to help me. That alone lowered my shoulders from my ears to at least my chin, Doctors always stress me out, because I went forever to doctor after doctor and complained that something was very wrong, and no one took me seriously, or they referred me to yet some other specialist who knew nothing. Just having someone who can help listen and work with me is the best thing to happen to me in years. He's not taking new patients, or I'd blast his name everywhere I could.
  10. Pepcid And Thiamcinolone

    Thank you! That pic was a year ago; he's now a 110 pound lap dog, but he responds fantastic to his training. We got a puppy because our house is tiny and we have three rescue parrots, and we have no way to close off their room. We have to have a well trained dog so the parrots are never in danger. Once we move, we are considering contacting rescue groups. Back on topic, I'm getting ready to take a shower and wash the steroid stuff out and re-apply. I take the coldest showers I can bear but that's really getting old! I am hoping I can tolerate warmer water, but even though it's not quite so itchy, my scalp is pretty torn up still.
  11. Pepcid And Thiamcinolone

    Nope. The puppy is full blooded rottie, German style. That's my husband's favorite dog, so that's what we have. He's a super sweetheart. He's a black and rust, and our ten year old girl is black and tan. She's having hip issues really bad. I just wanted to report that the Pepcid/steroid mix is somewhat working. My hair is a greasy mess at the crown, but I don't feel like I have 1000 fire ants biting me all at the same time. It's still itchy, my god it's itchy, but I don't want to scalp myself. The thought is still there, but the urge to go find the sharpest kitchen knife is not. My rash mirrors itself, and today I did feel the burning that means a new blister, but I didn't feel the corresponding one on the left side. I am not sure what that means.I hope it means it's slowing down. Right now, I am just so happy that the furious itching and burning has lessened to the point where I can function.
  12. Gluten Reaction In Just 1 Hour?

    That's my rottweiler. He was a baby in that picture but is now just over a year old and is 110 pounds. There's no way her son's symptoms just disappeared in ONE day. In my case, my big D did stop once I eliminated gluten, but it took several weeks for the joint pain (I still get it sometimes) and headaches to let up. I still have several other problems and I am almost four months in. I don't believe her. Lady, I think my husband believes me, but I don't think he gets it entirely. I think it's really hard for someone who has never heard of this before to get it. I can't find any support groups in my area at all.
  13. Pepcid And Thiamcinolone

    I need to look up what foods have iodine. We use sea salt here, but if it's in other foods, I'm uneducated. I swear the towel turban is awesome. I might have slept that way last week...
  14. Pepcid And Thiamcinolone

    My head IS pretty raw. I've been known to wet a towel in cold water, wrap it around my head turban style, and wedge a sandwich bag of ice inside it for relief. I might have to wait on the salts. Up until I was 36 or so I wasn't allergic to anything other than sulfa. Then, suddenly, I became allergic to everything. I am a horror when it comes to surgery. I am not sure if I can take tetracycline. I had unexplained mrsa in late 2012 and was given six superantibiotics over seven week's time. Since then I haven't needed any. If this current therapy doesn't work, I'd be willing to try it if my doctor thinks it would help. I am really not sure what happens if you have to take so many strong antibiotics so quickly. I cannot make my house completely gluten free. My husband is on board, but I have several rescue animals and some need special food. I prepare it away from where I prepare my own food and in their own special dishes, and I store it in plastic bags that can be tossed. I took the Pepcid this morning and rubbed in the steroid lotion. So far the itching is still there but not so intense. I just wish I could SEE what's going on, but I can't get a good enough angle to see the crown of my head. It feels like a astroid hit, with pits and mounds, but I might be imagining that.
  15. Pepcid And Thiamcinolone

    Yikes! Anaphylaxis is BAD. I carry Epi-pens due to other allergies, but I certainly don't want to use any of them. My endocrinologist did tell me that if things don't settle for me soon, I'd need to go on the elimination type diet. He said (due to the large swollen knots behind my ears) that I might have an autoimmune firestorm going on due to extreme irritation (I was sick for a LONG time) and that I might just need to let my body relax and that any number of things could be irritating me at this point. I had minute relief within a few hours of the pepcid. I'm stiff ready to scratch my scalp off, but not quite as ugly as it could be.