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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you all for the support. I'm going to get all the grocery shopping done tomorrow and start eating gluten-free. I Can't wait to get it out of my body!!!
  2. I had my biopsy yesterday -- the doctor said he didn't see anything we would have to wait for the biopsy results- Reading my report. Trying to understand Duodenum - mucosa normal mucosa was noted in the whole examined duodenum. Rule out celiac sprue given positive serology. Multiple biopsies were preformed for histology. Stomach mucosa diffuse continuous erythema of the mucosa with no bleeding was noted in the fundusand stomach body. These findings are compatible with gastropathy. Multiple biopsies were preformed. Anyone understand any of this?? The stomach findings worry me. Not sure what the celaic notes mean. Lisa-
  3. Nicole, Thanks so much for your input. I will let you know how it goes!!
  4. Well, I have my biopsy tomorrow. I hope this gives me answers. I'm still reading and learning about blood test results. If anyone can understand this and could help me I would appreciate it. My blood test shows my Iga was a 1. < 4 is normal. My Ttg was a 12.. <6 is normal Where I got these labs the told me it was celiac. I'm still questioning the results. I talked to my GI And told him about the labs. So I'm getting the biopsy done. I decided to do the biopsy because of all the symthoms I have lived with basically my whole life. They have only gotten worse now. I guess now I just wait and hope for answers.
  5. I don't see a total IgA. It just reads IgA 1 There is no < before the number 1. Which is normal according to these labs. I got a strong positive on the IgG which was 15 Maybe I'm not celiac. I have a list of symptoms and have for years. I'm still getting a biopsy tho-- I'm still confused lol
  6. So if igA is a 1. Does that mean it's deficient ?? My igG was postive. I'm still trying to understand all this.
  7. Blood Test Results

    Thank you all for the replies. My tTg igG is the only thing that came back postive. I talked with my GI doctor and he said he will try to get me in next week for a byopsy. I thought That was awesome because he was booked up but I told him and his staff I really hated to wait because I want to Go gluten free ASAP because I can't take feeling like this. So we shall see how this unfolds!!
  8. Blood Test Results

    Thanks for the welcome and reply Georgia guy!!! I guess I'm in denial!! Lol. Not funny but I have to laugh at myself. I totally get your point on the biopsy -- thing is if I go gluten-free NOW I can't do it correct? I need to be glutened again -- I don't think I can handle the back and forth thing anymore. Thanks again!! I'm just venting. Lisa
  9. Hi everyone. I have a question. Forgive me I'm sure this has been asked. I'm a newbie. About 4-5 yrs ago I was tested with negative results. (Blood work) However, I've been getting sicker and sicker( been sick basically my whole life started with anemia and stomach problems at age 18) and I just assumed I was gluten sensitive. I did a gluten-free free diet on my own. Symptoms greatly improved. I didn't stay gluten-free and that is because I'm not disciplined-- so I filled up on the horrible gluten stuff and off I went to a doctor that deals with a lot of gluten issues and other things. Just got my results back and my blood work shows celiac. I'm shocked I always thought gluten sensitive. He mentioned how I can get a biopsy I said no right away. He explained if the biopsy is not done right it could show negative. He basically left it up to me maybe cause I said no!!! Lol I don't really get if the blood work shows celiac should I believe it or do I need the biopsy??? I'm very confused and wish I would have talked to him more. Thought about all this after I left his office and it's been bugging me for days. I spoke with a nutritionist that's on staff and she helped me with the food part. So I'm working on getting the gluten out! Thanks!!!