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  1. Hi guys...I do hope I'm posting in the right section of the forum... Anyway, do any of you find that family and friends you discuss Celiac with tend to minimise it or see it as being nothing to worry about? I have told a couple of people and the general response has tended to be along the lines of "Oh, it's common isn't it" or "You'll be ok, it's not life threatening." It's really making me feel like I can't discuss it with anyone and that I might even be worrying about celiac more than I should. Anyone had similar thoughts/experiences?
  2. No judgement here Jamie - I can relate and I appreciate your honesty. Take it easy.
  3. I know this is an old thread but I'm interested as I have been told I have to have my gall bladder out and I have a bile duct blockage (this was about 6 weeks ago) I had some blood test results back yesterday that confirmed Celiac. I have had severe pains on and off for years and always put it down to trapped wind/indigestion...never realised it could be this! Must say it does worry me that I've had gallstones and Celiac for so long without knowing it.
  4. I did nip into Sainsburys on my way home last night and stocked up on some of their gluten free products. Will try them out over the weekend
  5. Sorry folks, can see there's other posts on this already. Rookie mistake.
  6. Hello, it seems as though my home address is public on the forum and I'd really rather it wasn't, is it possible to change this please? Thank you.
  7. Thank you both for your replies. I was interested to read about the lump in your stomach cycling lady, I often have bloating in my stomach (left side) and I never thought before today that it could be celiac related! I do plan on enjoying as many foods as I can before going gluten free that's for sure!
  8. Greetings from the U.K. Liking this forum a lot - seems very supportive and informative. I have been given a positive blood test result today and am currently awaiting a biopsy date. Am just curious about eating gluten until then...I understand I will need to have some in my system when the biopsy done but am keen to start the diet as soon as I can because I think I will struggle with it and I'll have to be disciplined! I should also mention I have also been diagnosed with gallstones and a possible bile duct blockage so I don't know if this will complicate things? Any feedback would be appreciated.